社區參與廣播時段:思.情.MAP Community Involvement Broadcast: Happy Mind M-A-P



節目名為“思.情.MAP”,代表著數個核心範疇:“思” 是思覺失調;“情” 是情緒病;“M” 是音樂(Music);“A” 是藝術(Art);“P” 是運動(Physical exercise)。節目以青少年精神健康為主題,希望提升公眾對青少年精神健康的關注,並宣揚透過怡情的健康活動,抗逆減壓,重拾健康人生。

The title of the programme is “Happy Mind M-A-P”, which refers to several core fields: early psychosis, mental illnesses, “M” for music, “A” for art and “P” for physical exercise. With the programme theme as youth mental health, we hope to raise the public awareness towards youth mental health, so as to promote some relaxing and healthy activities to help relieving stress and to reshape a healthy life.

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