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    CIBS Programme︰ CULTURAL DIMSUM 7 (文化點心 7)



    Presenter:Produced by TEACUP PRODUCTIONS LIMITED


    The programme is the seventh season of Cultural Dimsum series. It explores the similarities and differences between Chinese and Indian cultures through discussing movie, music, people, food, story, spirit, etc. At the same time, it aims to promote cultural diversity by inviting guests from different cultural backgrounds to share their stories.

    *廣播語言 Broadcast Language: 英語 English



    Episode 13: Goodness Gracious Me

    In episode, we will bring you an interview with Soundari Mukherjee and Arunanjali Maria of Tvameva Solutions Overseas Limited along with the winners of the 3rd inter School Quiz Competition 2017 - Zaheu Jacota, Justin Mak and Matthew Wright, from the Island School along with their teacher Collin Spanos. And they are right here in our studio conversing with Anjali Jha.

    This will be followed by a public service message by the officers of the Equal Opportunities Commission – Niru Vishwanath and Wing-Yiu.

    After the break, we will bring you 2 stories from “Stories on Air”. The first story is “‘Alphabets’, written and narrated by Babu Nivedha Vinod, a student at the Islamic School Hong Kong.

    The Second story “The Soulmate” by Kareena Kyla Kumar, a student at the St. Paul’s Convent School, Hong Kong

    The stories will be followed by the last in the series - “11 Ways to a Meaningful Conversation” by Yogesh Parmar, the founder of Gamechangers India. He will be accompanied by Natasha Jain


    07/01/2018 - 足本 Full (HKT 20:05 - 21:00)