CIBS Programme - The Hong Kong Telegu Voice - Balanandam (香港泰盧固語之聲—快樂的兒童)



主持人:Produced by Peesapaty Jaya

節目是以唱兒歌和說故事為主。節目名稱中的泰盧固文 "Balanandam" 是由"Bala" 和 "Anandam" 兩個字組成,其中"Bala"意指兒童,而"Anandam"則是快樂。顧名思義,節目正是以詠唱兒歌和講述故事,為小朋友帶來歡樂。

The main components of the programme are children singing and storytelling.  The Telugu word “Balanandam” in the programme name is formed with two words: “Bala”  and “Anandam”. “Bala” means “Child” and “Anandam” means “Happiness”. The programme therefore aims to bring joy and happiness to children through their singing and storytelling.

*廣播語言 Broadcast Language:

英語 English, 泰盧固語 Telugu & 廣東話 Cantonese



Episode 6: Kākolūkīyam: The Dove and the Hunter

The third principle of  Panchatantra :Trust not even a close friend, Who earlier was your enemy. 

Panchatantra Stories from Kākolūkīyam : Of Crows and Owls (War and Peace) -features stories that talk about the strategies and rules of war and peace.

The Dove and the Hunter : This is one more nice fable from the collection of Panchatantra. Once upon a time, there was a flock of doves that flew in search of food. This flock was led by their king.

All the doves were happy to find the food and happily landed on the ground. As soon as they began to eat the grains, a huge net fall over them and all of them got trapped. And then ..... to know more about the Doves please click on the link below to tune in to the story narrated by Sai Mohan Krishna (Telugu) , Sai Abhishek (English) and Selina (Chinese)

Songs by Sai Mohan Krishna & Sai Abhishek


17/02/2018 - 足本 Full (HKT 20:05 - 20:32)


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