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    Business & Market Discussions / Essential 8 Technologies: Robots / Wealth Inequality and Government Policy

    The Bank of Japan has joined the Fed and other central banks in discussing how to exit its stimulative monetary policy. The minutes of the central bank’s last meeting reveal that several members said the BOJ needed to explain its exit policy whilst other worried about the risks with inflation still far from the BOJ’s 2% target.

    The Fed is due to wrap up its monetary policy meeting on Thursday morning HK time with a decision on whether another rise in U.S. interest rates is warranted and it may also announce when it will start to wind down its balance sheet.

    Stock and FX markets are calm ahead of the decision. Shares in HK listed mainland property developer Sunac fell by more than 8% in morning trading following an announcement that the company will make a US$537m share placement. The indebted company is under scrutiny after agreeing to buy 13 tourism sites from Dalian Wanda for $6.5bn.

    Joining Wednesday’s Money Talk to look at the latest business headlines and preview the Fed decision are Louis Kuijs of Oxford Economics, Nitin Dialdas of Mandarin Capital and RTHK’s international economics correspondent Barry Wood. We shall also discuss wealth inequality in Hong Kong with Professor Mo Pak-hung from the Department of Economics at Hong Kong Baptist University. Finally we shall examine the rise of the robots and how they are going to impact our lives with Professor Darwin Lu of the Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

    . (8am-9am, email to moneytalk@rthk.hk)

    26/07/2017 - 足本 Full (HKT 08:03 - 09:00)

    26/07/2017 - 08:08 Market Discussion

    Barry Wood, RTHK’s International Economics Correspondent based in Washington D.C. says that U.S. consumer confidence at a high level is driven by low gasoline prices which are at almost a 10-year low and a surging stock market.

    Louis Kuijs, Head of Asian Economics from Oxford Economics says there is a divergence between the hard economic data in the U.S. and the soft data

    Nitin Dialdas, CIO from Mandarin Capital expects the FED to signal that monetary policy will become less accommodative.

    26/07/2017 - 08:33 Essential 8 Technologies: Robots

    Darwin Lau, Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering at the Chinese University of Hong Kong discusses the latest developments in robotics.

    26/07/2017 - 08:45 Wealth Inequality and Government Policy

    Mo Pak-hung, Associate Professor, Department of Economics from the Hong Kong Baptist University talks about wealth and income inequality in Hong Kong.





    Tim Huxley, CEO of Mandarin Shipping


    Enzio von Pfeil of Odyssey Capital and Lisa Jucca of Reuters BreakingViews


    Tariq Dennison, Portfolio Manager from GFM Group and Le Xia, Chief Economist from BBVA Research


    Gavin Parry, Managing Director at Parry International Trading Limited  and Hao Hong, managing director of research at BOCOM International


    Enzio von Pfeil, group economist at Odyssey Capital Group and Rob Koepp, Director of the Economist Corporate Network

    Market discussion / View from Japan

    Vodafone is merging its Indian unit with local mobile phone company, Idea Cellular, to create the largest telecoms operator in India.
    South Korea has complained to the World Trade Organisation about China, saying it has placed restrictions on its goods in retaliation to South Korea's deployment of an anti-missile system.
    UK Prime Minister Theresa May will begin the two-year countdown to Brexit on March 29.
    Chinese companies have been warned by the mainland regulator on their overseas acquisitions telling them they could be a “rose with thorns.”
    In the markets, US stocks are mixed as FBI director James Comey confirms that the agency is investigating Russian interference in the US election and links between the Trump campaign and the Russian government. The Hang Seng Index has hit its highest level in a year and a half.
    On today's  Money Talk, we are joined by Patrick Bennet of CIBC and Marc Franklin of Conning Asia Pacific. And William Pesek of Barron’s Asia joins us on the phone from Tokyo. (8am-8.30am, email to moneytalk@rthk.hk, text to 63 93 59 25, )


    21/03/2017 - 足本 Full (HKT 08:03 - 08:32)

    21/03/2017 - 08:08 Market discussion

    Patrick Bennett, macro strategist at CIBC talks about the new warnings from mainland regulators to Chinese companies about overseas acquisitions.
    Marc Franklin, portfolio manager at Conning Asia Pacific, says the biggest risk to markets is protectionism.

    21/03/2017 - 08:22 View from Japan

    William Pesek, executive editor of Barron's Asia in Tokyo, discusses Angela Merkel and Shinzo Abe's call to speed up approval of a trade deal between the EU and Japan.

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