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    Business and Market Discussions / View from Singapore

    The European Central Bank is to end its post-financial crisis stimulus programme that was supposed to boost the Eurozone economy. The ECB will halve its €30bn a month bond-buying scheme from September and phase it out completely at the end of the year. The ECB left interest rates on hold after its monetary policy meeting yesterday and said it will keep rates unchanged until at least the end of summer of 2019.

    Rates are moving higher though here in Hong Kong. Bank funding costs have hit a new 10-year high after The Hong Kong Monetary Authority followed the Fed’s lead and raised its base rate by a quarter of one percent to 2.25%. One-month Hibor rose to 1.6% yesterday, its highest level since 2008.

    The International Monetary Fund said yesterday that U.S. trade policy is likely to undermine the world’s trade system, lead to "losers on both sides" and could have a "serious" economic impact. The warning from IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde comes as the U.S. prepares to levy new import tariffs on between 800 and 900 Chinese products worth up to $50bn, possibly as early as today.

    The IMF has also issued a warning about the state of America’s public finances saying the $1.5tn tax-cutting package and spending boost, will drive the federal budget deficit to 4.5% of GDP by 2019, nearly double the level three years ago.

    The latest economic data shows US retail sales jumping by the most in 6 months in May. However, data from the mainland has disappointed. Retail sales growth slowed to the lowest rate in 15 years and fixed-asset investment growth was the slowest since 1998.

    In the markets the Euro has slumped after the ECB move and the US dollar surged against several emerging market currencies.

    On this morning’s programme we’re joined by Francis Lun of GEO Securities and Alan Luk, from Hang Seng Private Banking. On the phone from Singapore we have Justin Kendrick at Ingenia Consultants.

    15/06/2018 - 足本 Full (HKT 08:03 - 08:32)

    15/06/2018 - 8:08 Business and Market Discussion

    Francis Lun, CEO of GEO Securities, expects rising US interest rates to have a minimal impact on local stocks and forecasts a decline in the Hang Seng Index to 30,000 before rebounding.

    Alan Luk, Head of Private Banking and Trust Services at Hang Seng Private Banking, says that the US-China trade dispute and deleveraging in China will hamper overall asset price performance on the mainland in the second half of this year.

    15/06/2018 - 8:24 View From Singapore

    Justin Kendrick, Co-Founder and Head of Investment Solutions at Ingenia Consultants in Singapore, comments that Singapore managed the Trump-Kim Summit efficiently and gained positive publicity, thus becoming a winner from this historic event.




    Stewart Aldcroft, Chairman of CitiTrust,  and Mark Michelson, Chairman of the Asia CEO Forum at IMA Asia.


    Gavin Parry (left), Managing Director of Parry International Trading, Nandini Sukumar (center), CEO of the World Federation of Exchanges, and Connie Bolland (right), Founder of Economic Research Analysis
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