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    主持人:Phil Whelan

    Weekday programme Morning Brew is a chat and music show. Hosted by Phil Whelan, guests include regular contributors and drop-ins, who span topics from earnest current affairs to cookery to the arts.

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    Robbie McRobbie – Rugby news / Dave Simpson – Irish run

    A very good morning to you from the Morning Brew team; Comrade Whelan can’t be with us this morning – he won a free ticket on the high speed train to Beijing – he’s now trying to win a trip back (maybe Wednesday).

    I'm Peter King, hopefully making your Monday a little easier, and later on a couple of guests for you to meet. As usual, Robbie McRobbie joins us after the news at ten, and Dave Simpson an hour later to talk about Saturday’s Irish run. In addition, a collection of radio rarities, and some new stuff, plus the latest stories from news services from around the world. If you’d like to be part of it, just email radiopete@gmail, or you can text in to the show on 6393-5925 (9:30am-1pm, email morningbrew@rthk.hk )

    24/09/2018 - 足本 Full (HKT 09:30 - 13:00)

    24/09/2018 - 第一部份 Part 1 (HKT 09:30 - 10:00)

    24/09/2018 - 第二部份 Part 2 (HKT 10:05 - 11:00)

    24/09/2018 - 第三部份 Part 3 (HKT 11:05 - 12:00)

    24/09/2018 - 第四部份 Part 4 (HKT 12:05 - 13:00)

    24/09/2018 - Robbie McRobbie – Rugby news

    24/09/2018 - Dave Simpson – Irish run



    Steve Vines – Hong Kong Issues / Ernst and Joyce – Jazz On The Beach / David Gething – Vet / Camilla Cormanni – Cine Italiano

    主持人:Phil Whelan

    Good morning. It’s Thursday on Morning Brew and after 10, in honour of Roald Dahl Day (which it is), Typhoon Vines brings you more “tales of the... pretty much to be expected”. Join us with your emails and comments about the week that was. At 11.10 we find out about a great night of live music featuring Hong Kong’s best jazz musicians, happening at Pui O beach in Lantau on October 6th. Organisers Ernst and Joyce (who IS here) will invite you to...Jazz On The Beach. At 11.40 our MB Vet Dr. David Gething will be back to tell you how to avoid being bitten by a dog. Apparently “run for it” isn’t the answer. After 12 we find out about Cine Italiano (the movie festival) which returns to Hong Kong this week, with organiser Camilla Cormanni.  (9:30am-1pm, email morningbrew@rthk.hk )


    13/09/2018 - 足本 Full (HKT 09:30 - 13:00)

    13/09/2018 - 第一部份 Part 1 (HKT 09:30 - 10:00)

    13/09/2018 - 第二部份 Part 2 (HKT 10:05 - 11:00)

    13/09/2018 - 第三部份 Part 3 (HKT 11:05 - 12:00)

    13/09/2018 - 第四部份 Part 4 (HKT 12:05 - 13:00)

    13/09/2018 - Steve Vines – Hong Kong Issues

    13/09/2018 - Ernst and Joyce – Jazz On The Beach

    13/09/2018 - David Gething – Vet

    13/09/2018 - Camilla Cormanni – Cine Italiano

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