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    主持人:Pierre Tremblay

    Explore music from around the world, with presenter Pierre Tremblay. Each week he introduces a unique mix of sounds, musical styles and languages. Whether traditional or contemporary, familiar or unusual, the selections you'll hear will always be captivating.

    Catch it live:
    Saturday 1.10pm -3pm




    網上直播完畢稍後提供節目重溫。 Archive will be available after live webcast

    This week World Vibes has a brand new selection of Hot New Hits from a lot of places on our planet ! With new sounds from Africa to Europe, South America to North America, and the Caribbean ! You’ll hear new genres such as Dyslexic Bulu Punk to ElectroAcoustic Samba Groove, Django Love 'chanson'Rap and more ! Click on ‘World Vibes’ above for more details.

    Our first hour starts off with new hits from Duet n’ Rap trio Elodie & Michele Bravi ft Gué Pequeno (Italy), one from the heart with sitar backing from Malú ft Baluji Shrivastav (Spain-India), TechnoSamba from Rotterdam based ensemble Zuco 103 (Holland-Brazil), TransAtlantic Pop is key from Pablo Alborán and Piso 21 (Spain-Colombia), a posthumous release of a new single to commemorate the third anniversary of the passing away of Pino Daniele (Italy), stunning Dyslexic Bulu PunkFunk for the dance floor from 10LEC6 (pronounced ‘Dis-lec-sys’ in French) (Cameroon-France), love-lost pains from Blas Canto (Spain), it’s Summer Reggaeton-style with Maluma ft Lellêzinha (Colombia-Brazil), enjoy it while you can from Oud-chanson craftsman Arash Sarkechik (France), Capoeira inspired love from the gang of Takagi & Ketra ft Giusi Ferreri & Sean Kingston (Italy-Jamaica), ending the first hour with a vibrant duet between J Balvin & Rosalía (Colombia-Spain). Stunning new sounds for one and all, enjoy !
    Our second hour continues our sampling of hot new sounds with a Song n’ Rap tribute to a Football Star from Capital Bra ft UFO361 (Germany), an ode to Women’s Rights from Rozalén (Spain), a tribute to his mama with Kora strings from Black M ft Sidiki Diabaté (France-Mali), bilingual Reggaeton for the dance floor from Luis Fonsi and Stefflon Don (Puerto Rico-UK), Django love from 'chanson' Rappers Dadju & Franglish (France), Dancing with Rita from Marseilles based Cumbia Chicharra (Chile-France), clandestine love with Shakira & Maluma (Colombia), bling n’ love with Cris Cab ft Farruko & Kore (USA-Puerto Rico), the truth in Wolof, French n’ English from Daara J (Senegal), for the true believers with (see photo) Amaia Montero (Spain), re-interpreted ElectroAcoustic Samba Groove from Rio based Grooveria Electroacústica (Brazil), ending the show with Andalusian LatinJazz from twin sisters Ibeyi ft La Mala (Cuba-France-Spain). A plethora of new inspirations for all, enjoy !


    05 - 07


    Amaia Montero live in Madrid, 2012. Photo by Carlos Delgado
    網上直播完畢稍後提供節目重溫。 Archive will be available after live webcast


    Brigitte Fontaine in 1973. Photo by JP Roche


    3 members of the band L'Impératrice live at the “Fête de la musique, 2018” in front of the Assemblée nationale, Paris. Photo by Tiraden


    Kristin Marion and her '4tet' in concert


    Dany Placard. Photo by Sarah Marcotte-Boislard


    António Variações bust in Fiscal, Amares Portugal. Photo by Joseolgon


    Philippe Dova in studio, photo by Phil Whelan


    Goddess of Democracy replica at Hong Kong June 4th Museum, 2016. Photo by Wpcpey


    Antoinette Rozan and I behind her ‘XXL Free’ statue at the HK Convention Centre


    Orchestra Baobab live in Brooklyn New York, 2008


    (from l to r) Jean-Michel Sourd, Mme. Jacquelyne Rouch, Alberto Gerosa
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