Concerts recorded live in HK and other parts of the world 香港及世界各地的音樂會

    Live on 4 第四台音樂會



    From its headquarters in Geneva, the European Broadcasting Union encourages co-operation between broadcasters around the world, from Algeria to the Vatican State, from Hungary to Hong Kong. The organisation co-ordinates and promotes the exchange of audio/visual productions. The live recordings in Tuesday night’s Concert from Europe have been provided by members of the EBU for many years, but now RTHK Radio 4 will offer expanded coverage of EBU programmes, including special access to:

    • Exclusive concerts with the world’s outstanding orchestras, celebrated conductors, and stellar soloists
    • Broadcasts from New York’s Metropolitan Opera, the Vienna State Opera and the Paris Opéra
    • Finalist concerts from major international music competitions including Belgium’s Queen Elizabeth International
    Music Competition and Germany’s ARD Music Competition
    • Performances from major festivals from around the world,(including world music and jazz festivals)

    The Live on 4 band will feature concerts recorded live every Tuesday to Saturday night. Expect to hear more concert recordings from the BBC, and concerts recorded locally by Radio 4 with our own treasured orchestras, ensembles and soloists.


    ‧ 更多首屈一指的樂團、星級指揮家和著名獨奏家的音樂會
    ‧ 大都會歌劇院、維也納國家劇院、巴黎歌劇院的製作
    ‧ 國際音樂比賽的決賽音樂會,例如比利時依莉莎白女王國際音樂大賽、德國慕尼黑ARD國際音樂大賽等等
    ‧ 全球主要音樂節的現場錄音 (包括世界音樂及爵士樂)



    Concert Hall Classics – RTHK’s treasured recordings of live performances (30 Years of Broadcasting: Cantonese Opera Stars Gala) 音樂廳經典 ─ 香港電台珍貴現場錄音(香港電台三十週年紀念節目:粵劇紅伶滙)

    To celebrate the 90 Years of Broadcasting in Hong Kong, Radio 4 has selected four historic performances out of their decades of recordings for weekly airing in the month of October. These performances, one from each decade in the 1950s through the 1980s, are not just musical notes of the past, they are musical milestones and key components of the city’s collective memory.

    13/10 (Sat) 8pm
    30 Years of Broadcasting: Cantonese Opera Stars Gala

    The second historic concert was the star-studded night of Cantonese Opera Stars Gala recorded on 30 June 1958, celebrating 30 Years of Radio Hong Kong’s broadcast. It could well be an unprecedented fanfare to feature not one or two but seven Cantonese operatic legends to perform one after another. The list started with Sun Ma Si-tseng singing his signature work Emperor Guangxu’s Night Mourning of His Concubine Zhen, followed by Fong Yim-fun, Mak Ping-wing, Tam Sin-hung, Ho Fei-fan, Tang Bik-wan, and Leung Sing-po. These performances testify to the notion that the 1950s was the golden era for Cantonese opera. It is also noteworthy that these masters were accompanied by two ensembles led by equally legendary bandleaders. It is rare in those days to see names of musicians as in Wan Chi-chung’s 8-member band and Lo Ka-chi’s 17-member band. A likely reason for the full rosters was the new policy adopted by Radio Hong Kong around 1957 to air only stars and professional musicians, a major departure from previous air-time for amateur music groups possibly due to the new Societies Ordinance. This concert is a case in point.

    為誌香港廣播九十年,香港電台第四台從幾十年檔案中精選四套音 樂會於10月份播出,以饗聽眾樂迷。這些上世紀五十年代到八十年 代的昔日音符,各自具有劃時代的意義,亦是香港集體回憶的重要 組成部份。

    13/10(星期六)晚上8 時正

    第二場歷史音樂會是1958年6月30日慶祝香港電台三十年星光熠 熠的演出,破天荒請來七位旗鼓相當的頭牌紅伶先後獻技。例如 開場由新馬師曾主唱首本名曲〈光緒皇夜祭珍妃〉,接著出場包 括芳艷芬、麥炳榮、譚倩紅、何非凡、鄧碧雲、梁醒波,各自施 展渾身解數,顯出五十年代被譽為粵劇黃金時期的風範。值得指 出的是,兩支拍和樂隊以尹自重、盧家熾名義,分別由八人和十 七人組成,都是當時粵劇頂級戲班的拍和師傅,不少曾參與任白 《帝女花》等經典錄音。他們「歸隊」演出,原因之一是電台戰 前由業餘民間樂隊演出的日子已於1957年結束,之後改由名家、 紅伶演出,可能跟當時的社團條例有關。1958年這場演出就是新 措施的例子之一。

    30 Years of Broadcasting: Cantonese Opera Stars Gala
    Sun Ma Si-tseng, Fong Yim-fun, Leung Sing-po, Tang Bik-wan, Ho Fei-fan, Tam Sin-hung, Mak Ping-wing
    Wan Chi-chung’s band and Lo Ka-chi’s band
    Universal Celebration (Prelude)   1’
    Emperor Guangxu’s Night Mourning of His Concubine Zhen   19’
    Lady Wenji on Her Return to Han (Theme Song)   14’
    The Blossoming Rose is as Beautiful as my Wife   18’
    The Moon Accompanied by Seven Stars (Theme Song)   18’
    Nocturne of Gusu   14’
    A Swindler Regrets while Sleeping on a Sieve   14’

    Broadcast on 30/6/1958.


    新馬師曾、芳艷芬、梁醒波、鄧碧雲、 何非凡、譚倩紅、麥炳榮 尹
    《姑蘇晚詠》 《光棍王夜枕筲箕》


    13/10/2018 - 足本 Full (HKT 20:00 - 22:00)

    13/10/2018 - 第一部份 Part 1 (HKT 20:00 - 21:00)

    13/10/2018 - 第二部份 Part 2 (HKT 21:00 - 22:00)



    San Francisco Symphony: An evening with Mozart

    Alexander Barantschik (v)
    San Francisco Sym. Orch. / Herbert Blomstedt
    Mozart: Symphony No. 35 in D, K. 385,
    ‘Haffner’ 23’
    Violin Concerto No. 1 in B flat, K. 207 22’
    Symphony No. 41 in C, K. 551,
    ‘Jupiter’ 40’
    Recorded at Louise Davies Symphony Hall, San Francisco, on 28/8/2016.
    三藩市交響樂團 / 比奧斯達
    莫扎特:D大調第三十五交響曲,K. 385,
    降B大調第一小提琴協奏曲,K. 207
    C大調第四十一交響曲,K. 551,




    A newspaper clipping of Wah Kiu Yat Po on 29 June 1958 featuring the Cantonese Opera Stars Gala to celebrate 30 Years of Broadcasting in Hong Kong 1958年6月29日的《華僑日報》介紹 香港電台三十週年粵劇紅伶滙 (©SCMP)


    Pianist Fou Ts’ong in 1988 1988年的鋼琴家傅聰


    本節目不作網上播放。 This programme webcast is not available


    本節目不作網上播放。 This programme webcast is not available

    San Francisco Symphony: Mahler 2

    Karina Gauvin (s)
    Kelley O’Connor (ms)
    San Francisco Sym. Orch. & Cho. /
    Michael Tilson Thomas
    Mahler: Symphony No. 2 in C minor,
    ‘Resurrection’ 88’
    Recorded at Louise Davies Symphony Hall, San Francisco, on 26/6/2016.
    三藩市交響樂團及合唱團 / 狄遜‧湯馬士


    09/10/2018 - 足本 Full (HKT 20:05 - 22:00)

    09/10/2018 - 第一部份 Part 1 (HKT 20:05 - 21:00)

    09/10/2018 - 第二部份 Part 2 (HKT 21:00 - 22:00)

    網上重溫:尚餘 11 時 29 分
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