A Young Patriot

    A Young Patriot is a documentary about a post-90s young man Xiao Zhao. The film follows the protagonist Xiao Zhao's life experience, from a 19-year-old boy waving flag and shouting slogan " Long live China! Go China!" on the street of Pingyao ancient town in Shanxi province, to a college student in Chengdu of Sichuan province, and as a volunteer teaching in Liangshan Yi autonomous region. It records Xiao Zhao's emotional and ideological change during the four years starting from his senior high school to his sophomore year, and meanwhile witnesses and presents the restlessness and disturbance the Chinese society is currently undergoing.

    (Mandarin Only)

    尚餘 122 天


    • 伊朗鐵克諾


      阿魯和阿拉殊是伊朗德黑蘭的地下Techno 音樂組合,這種西方音樂被政府視為禁忌。兩人用盡辦法,希望出版一張專輯,過程驚險萬分,猶如偷取國家機密。

      雙語廣播︰粵語/波斯語 (電視版)

      Raving Iran

      Anoosh and Arash are at the center of Tehran’s underground techno scene. Tired of hiding from the police and their stagnating career, they organize one last manic techno rave under dangerous circumstances in the desert. Back in Tehran they try their luck selling their illegally printed music album without permission. When Anoosh is arrested, there seems to be no hope left. But then they receive a phone call from the biggest techno festival in the world. Once landed in Switzerland, the haze of the instant euphoria evaporates quickly when the seriousness of the situation starts to dawn on them.

      Bilingual: Cantonese/Iranian Persian (TV Version)

    • 藝術求生記



      雙語廣播︰粵語/希臘語 (電視版)

      Survival Artists

      A musician is asked: “Can you make a living?” The reply: “Some can, others cannot.”  This story is about the others:  Professional musicians who practise their art with great passion and skill, but still have to work on the side.  Either just to make ends meet or to maintain a certain quality of life: As a garbage collector, an auto mechanic or doctor.

      In Perrault’s Cinderella a pumpkin is transformed into a magnificent coach, mice become fine horses that take the heroine to the ball.  A lavish celebration, music, dancing and magic cannons.  When the clock strikes twelve the dream is over.  Horses and coach change back, Cinderella returns to her everyday life.

      The protagonists in this film also live double lives:  applauded on stage in the evening, while their everyday life is as “gray” as Cinderella’s.  Hard physical labour alongside great art.  Our heroes manage their lives with admirable naturalness and dignity.  They are passionate about music and approach their second lives in a more matter-of-fact way.  They do their jobs because this allows them to live their actual lives, those dedicated to music.  How do they manage this balancing act?  What does this everyday life look like?  This story unfolds in very different places around the world:  In Israel, in the Ukraine, and Germany. 

      Bilingual: Cantonese/Greek (TV Version)

    • 西岸零錢

      巴勒斯坦當地很難找工作,以哈一家11口生活十分貧困。父親要以哈獨自偷偷越過以色列的檢查站找工作,賺錢養家。以哈從8歲開始就穿梭以色列各條公路,向等候交通燈的司機乞錢。經過六年的訓練,他成為一個熟手老練的乞丐。 最近,爸爸希望14歲的以哈帶8歲的弟弟哈曼一起行乞。這任務一點也不容易,兩兄弟經常要應付其它孩子來搶佔位置,又要逃避以色前警察的追捕。

      雙語廣播︰粵語/阿拉伯語 (電視版)


      Two young Palestinian brothers, Yichia (14-years-old) and Hamam (8-years-old), living in Tul Karem are forced to grow-up too fast, to give up going to school and children’s play and instead  work as street beggers in Wadi Arah Israel to support their family.  Hamam, the youngest, tries to avoid the hard work and play while his elder brother Yichia, dreams of a better future.

      Bilingual: Cantonese/Arabic (TV Version)

    • 如箭在弦



      雙語廣播︰粵語/立陶宛語 (電視版)

      Waiting For Invasion

      In January 2015 Lithuania became the nineteenth member state of the Eurozone. Two months later Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaitė announced that the country was under Russian attack. Since the Russian annexation of Crimea (Ukraine), Lithuania has become the next target. They have been subject to multiple cyber-attacks, constant intimidation by Russian bombers and unidentified planes, diplomatic battles, threats, and have been drawn into the huge Russian propaganda machine. The airspace above the Baltic States is now one of the most dangerous in the world.
      Just 25 years after gaining independence from Russia, Lithuania is facing occupation again. Global leaders have agreed that further defence is necessary. NATO is setting up a command post with a rapid reaction force in Lithuania, where British and American soldiers will provide support to defend the border of NATO States. Lithuania has had to reintroduce conscription; they are preparing to defend themselves against the Russian military might. The idea of forced military training has divided society. Young men now have to be ready to change their iPads for weapons, and suits for uniforms, as their parents and grandparents once did.
      In the face of the biggest aggression in Europe since the Second World War, the documentary will tell a story of people desperately trying to preserve peace against unimaginable odds.

      Bilingual: Cantonese/ Lithuanian (TV Version)

    • 無處為家



      雙語廣播︰粵語/西藏語 (電視版)

      No Where To Call Home

      Widowed at 28, Tibetan farmer Zanta defies her tyrannical father-in-law and refuses to marry his only surviving son, who is in prison for armed robbery. When Zanta’s in-laws won’t let her seven-year-old go to school, she flees to Beijing to become a street vendor. Destitute, and embattled by ethnic discrimination she inveigles a foreign customer into helping pay her boy’s school fees. When the three travel back to Zanta’s village for the New Year holiday, Zanta’s father-in-law takes her son hostage.  The unwitting American journalist faces a tough decision: does she intervene in the violent family dispute, or watch in silence as Zanta and Yang Qing face abuses typically borne by Tibetan widows and their children. 

      Bilingual: Cantonese/Tibetan (TV Version)

    • 柬埔寨太空計劃




      來自農村的斯蕾很愛唱歌,但為了生活不惜出賣肉體,在卡拉OK陪酒和提供性服務。朱利安欣賞斯蕾的歌喉以及那股能夠感染觀眾的魅力,邀請她組成搖滾樂隊The Cambodian Space Project。不久,兩人更成為戀人。


      The Cambodian Space Project開始到柬埔寨各地巡迴演出,斯蕾的天賦才華,加上朱利安創意,樂隊的知名度越來越高,更獲得海外演出的機會。


      雙語廣播︰粵語/柬埔寨語 (電視版)

      The Cambodian Space Project - Not Easy Rock'n' Roll

      In 2009 wandering Australian musician Julien Poulson walks into a Phnom Penh bar. At the karaoke microphone is Srey Thy, a poor village girl who has dreamed of being a professional singer all her life. Srey Thy adores the rock’n’roll classics from Cambodia’s golden age of the 1960s and ‘70s. Julien adores Srey Thy’s voice and choice of material. The result of their meeting is romance and  The Cambodian Space Project, a thrilling rock’nroll explosion that wows audiences from London and Paris to Hong Kong and Sydney.

      From their formative days putting the band together to playing on the world’s stage, Julien and Srey Thy’s collaboration is rollercoaster ride filled with passion, ambition and cross-cultural challenges. Set to soul-stirring music that carries the joy and sorrow of Cambodia’s past in its unique rhythms The Cambodian Space Project - Not Easy Rock’n’Roll tells the joyful, sad, uplifting and strikingly intimate tale of struggling performers whose path from obscurity, poverty and trauma to relative fame and no fortune has never been easy.

      Bilingual: Cantonese/Cambodian (TV Version)

    • 追夢者



      雙語廣播︰粵語/英語 (電視版)

      The Dreamers

      They’re nicknamed ‘The Dreamers’. Teenagers from Honduras and El Salvador, ready to face all types of dangers to escape the horrific violence of gangs in Central America. They know that the journey could cost them their lives but they will risk anything to make it to America.


      Every month, more than 5,000 unaccompanied children are arrested in the United States after crossing the Mexican border. Joao and Anthony, both 15 and from Honduras, have decided to jump a freight train from Mexico. But on the American side of the border, heavily armed private militia hunt migrants in the desert. They also run the real risk of getting lost in the desert and dying of thirst - a fate that befalls thousands every year. And young girls attempting the crossing are prey to the cartels, who force them into prostitution.


      More than 130,000 children were arrested in the past years for attempting the crossing. How many others disappeared on the road to the American Dream?

      Bilingual: Cantonese/English (TV Version)

    • 愛我別走



      雙語廣播︰粵語/韓語 (電視版)

      My Love, Don't Cross That River

      There is a 200 years old house by the riverside, and a couple who have lived together for 76 years.

      Mr. Byong-man Jo is 98 years old, but still strong enough to carry lots of firewood. He is so playful that sometimes makes his wife cry. When he cleans the garden, he is prone to splash leaves on his wife. When it snows, he starts a snowball fight. When his wife does the laundry at the small stream, he likes pouring water on her. The wife, Mrs. Gye-Yeul Kang is 89 years old. She still cooks three meals a day for her husband and had never fed him a cold meal.

      They wear Korean traditional cloths all the time, go to the aged college twice a week, go to market every five days, go for a picnic with neighbors, and enjoy dance parties. They are still young.

      Recently, he is getting weak day by day, and sleeps a lot. When she wakes him up for a meal, he acts irritated and speaks ill of her. This changes make her scary, frightened and lonely. She thinks he is trying to make her dislike him because it's about time to pass away.

      She often looks at the river in silence. 40 years ago, they moved here across the river, and when their 6 sons and daughters got married, they went across the river. Her husband will go across the river one day leaving her behind.

      Bilingual: Cantonese/Korean (TV Version)

    • 誰來愛我?



      雙語廣播︰粵語/希伯來語 (電視版)

      Who's Gonna Love Me Now?

      Saar is an HIV positive gay man living in London, where he found refuge from the religious kibbutz that he grew up in. Ever since he was diagnosed with HIV, Saar has craved his family's love, while they struggle with fears and prejudices.

      Saar and the rest of the London Gay Men's Chorus provide a glorious soundtrack for this documentary about the power of forgiveness and the power that home has, no matter how far we go.

      (Bilingual: Cantonese/Hebrew)

    • 貓島之人生




      雙語廣播︰粵語/日語 (電視版)

      Cat Heaven Island

      Cats - hundreds and hundreds of them define the quiet island of Tashirojima. They have just a handful of elderly human residents for company, who maintain a life steeped in fading but beautiful Japanese culture. This heart-warming and evocative documentary explores how a tight-knit community of ever more wizened pensioners find joy in their unique island identity, and affection from their feline friends.

      Bilingual: Cantonese/Japanese (TV Version)