監製:Fong Hiu Shan


    In Bath, Illinois, a supposedly peaceful city in the USA, Kannie joins the local folks, children and adults alike, for the hunt of the notorious terrorists there, namely Asian Carps. She witnesses the fish jumping out of water, probably performing a somersault, before diving and disappearing into the water. Isn’t it bizarre? But the scene is as real as the threat of the fish. They are an environmental disaster. Asian Carps were introduced into some ponds in Arkansas, USA in the 1970s to purify the water, however, they found a way to escape the confined ponds into the river system. They are the fittest, in the race of survival, almost pushing the native species to extinction. The damage will be unimaginable if the fish further match their way northward. But how to stop them? The US government has spent lot of money trying to keep the fish at bay; biologists monitor their every alarming move. However, the general folks think that they have a better solution: ‘if you can’t beat them, then eat them.’ Fisherman Clint Carter shows Kannie how to tackle the fish with many small bones, otherwise they are unpalatable to Americans. Entrepreneurs Michael Schafer and Yu Yongqin see the invasive fish as a business opportunity and a healthy protein source to feed the world. Will the notorious fish, like the optimists think, be integrated into the American diet? Kannie follows the return route of Asian Carps back to Shenzhen, China, as an imported wild species. Do the Chinese people welcome their long gone fellows?

    27/4/2017 7:00 - 7:30pm TVB Pearl
    28/4/2017 5:30 - 6:00pm RTHK31

    聯絡: fonghs@rthk.hk