監製:Cheung Wing Tim

The Television Division and the New Media Unit of Radio Television Hong Kong and the General Education Unit of The University of Hong Kong co-launched a series of Hall of Wisdom seminars.

Members of different sectors from the generation, who built Hong Kong bare-handedly with their thoughts, will talk to the new generation of Hong Kong in the theatre of the University of Hong Kong.

Members of the younger generation, who will soon be taking over, do not have to replicate the success of their predecessors, nor do they have to follow their old thoughts. They listen, ask, discuss, think and feel through their conversations with the guests, such that the mutual exchange of experiences can transform into invaluable wisdom to be inherited by the city. The speakers of the Hall of Wisdom seminars include: Director Mr. Johnnie TO; the former President of the Legislative Council, Mr Jasper TSANG; the former Chairman of the Hong Kong Bar Association, Mr Paul SHIEH, SC; the former Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, Professor Joseph YAM; writer Professor LUNG Ying-tai; athletes Miss Sarah LEE and Mr Rex TSO, singer Doctor Eason CHAN, Mr. Alan CHAN, etc. and the seminars are hosted by TSUI Yuen, who is a member of the cultural sector.

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