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    How much do we know about the history of Hong Kong? Should we refer to Britain’s account or China’s account? Neither, say many Hong Kong people of this generation. They want to set the records straight.

    Producer: Dora Choi

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    • Judicial Review

      Judicial Review

      With increasing Judicial Review cases, this episode seeks to explain the basic principles of its operation, as well as its merits to improve governance. Many judicial review cases seem to be highly political, yet in reality many cases concern important public interests related to education and housing issues, labour rights, human rights and more. The program will further examine whether the system is being abused, with illustration with significant cases.

    • Waste Charging=Waste Reduction?

      Waste Charging=Waste Reduction?

      According to the latest EPD figure, the amount of waste per person disposed daily keeps increasing, which is the worst in a decade. The EPD announced waste-charging legislation should be enacted as soon as possible to help reduce waste generation. The suggested waste charge will be 1-2 HKD per household per day. What are the public views? While the government has implemented a number of measures over the decade to prepare for such legislation, what is its effectiveness? Producer: Candy Chan

    • STEM


      STEM education is now the new trend. EDB has put resources to encourage schools to launch this program in order to train the communicating thinking of students. What problems do the teachers face under STEM education? And what the students need to equip more? Producer: Flora Yeung

    • Big Data

      Big Data

      Big Data, massive gathering and analyzing of data in real time, allows us addressing some of humanity biggest challenges. This documentary captures the promise and peril of this extraordinary knowledge Producer: Michelle Chan

    • Domestic Helpers in Hong Kong

      Domestic Helpers in Hong Kong

      The Government has permitted foreign domestic helpers to work in Hong Kong since the 1970's to meet the shortage of local full-time live-in domestic helpers. Currently, there are over 350 000 foreign domestic helpers in Hong Kong, assisting over 280 000 households with housework and taking care of the elderly and children in their families. After a hot debate in society, starting from this year, the Standard Employment Contract for foreign domestic helpers will include a new clause on cleaning outward-facing windows to safeguard their occupational safety. How will it affect both sides? After receiving hundreds of complaints from jobseekers and domestic helpers about the agencies, Labour Department has newly promulgated Code of Practice for Employment Agencies last month. The code lists established legal requirements as well as “minimum standards” which the commissioner for labour expects agencies to meet. These standards include transparency in business operations, drawing up service agreements with jobseekers and employers, and providing payment receipts. Will this voluntary code bring more protection to the consumers?

    • Disappeared (2017)

      Disappeared (2017)

      According to the media, Xiao Jianhua, the founder of a financial group named Tomorrow Holdings, was suspected to be abducted by the Chinese authorities.
      The incident happened a year after the disappearance of five missing booksellers in Hong Kong.
      This is a re-run programme, first broadcasted on 18th February 2016, awarded the Silver Hugo of Chicago International Film Festival 2016.

      Disappeared (2016)
      In October 2015, five staffers of a bookstore in Causeway Bay went missing under mysterious circumstances. There is some evidence five are on the mainland, but their exact whereabouts are unknown. What is happening?

      Director: Paul Lee

    • Hawkers and Bazaars

      Hawkers and Bazaars

      Food is always an important item in celebrating the New Year’s ... perhaps more so in Hong Kong than anywhere else. Hawkers of culinary delights are by and large welcome in most grassroots communities, but what do the authorities think?

      Producer:Grace Wong

    • The Grand Old Teahouse

      The Grand Old Teahouse

      Enjoying tea and dim sum is very much a part of Hong Kong’s Cantonese culture. But few if any restaurant can last for 80 years like Shun Hing.

      Producer: Flora Yeung

    • Mini Flats

      Mini Flats

      Residential flats in Hong Kong seem to be getting smaller and smaller. Many of them are designed to be studio flats. Though expensive, they are in great demand.

    • In Defence Of Conscience

      In Defence Of Conscience

      There is no lack of human rights lawyers and advocates in China, but as the crackdown on the 9th of July last year showed, challenging the authorities is a risky proposition.