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    Meet Ricky Yu, a man dedicated to helping people in need. Be introduced to ‘Light Be’, the social enterprise he has founded, and learn about his projects ‘light homes’ and ‘Light Housing’.

    Producer: Heiman Leung

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    • Gentlemen's Battle

      Gentlemen's Battle

      Incumbent Hong Kong Bar Council chairperson Paul Lam is aggressively seeking re-election, amid a well-publicized challenge from Philip Dykes who vows to ‘stand fearlessly’ for judicial independence.
      Many in the legal circles expect that the race between Lam and Dykes is going to be a tough one.
      Why does the election of a professional body catch the attention of the public? How would the two lists of candidates prepare for the election? Will this election reflect the attitude of the Bar Council defending the city’s rule of law in coming years?

    • Blood Ivory

      Blood Ivory

      African elephants are facing extinction. Because of the ivory trade, they are being slaughtered for their tusks.
      However, there seems to be hope on the horizon. Most countries in the world are taking action against the ivory trade.

    • Housing For The Grassroots

      Housing For The Grassroots

      Low-income people need affordable homes to live in. To meet their pressing demand, two novel ideas have emerged: converting shipping containers into homes and getting benevolent property owners involved.

    • The Long Wait To See A Specialist

      The Long Wait To See A Specialist

      With over 7 million people in Hong Kong, no one should be surprised to the seemingly long queues of out-patients at public hospitals every day. Every one of them, pardon the pun, needs to be very patient.

    • Our Avian Neighbours

      Our Avian Neighbours

      Hong Kong is climatically attractive to birds. But as urban development continues, we invariably encroach on their natural habitats. Happily, there is growing awareness that we should co-exist with our avian neighbours.

    • Growing Pains of Youth

      Growing Pains of Youth

      Two years ago, Hong Kong Connection asked three young university graduates to each write a letter to themselves ... letters that are to be read today. The hope was to learn more about the growing pains of youth.

    • Two Rare Diseases

      Two Rare Diseases

      In Hong Kong hospitals, there are as yet no specialist services for patients of rare diseases. Let’s visit two families whose sons have rare diseases.

    • The Investment Of Sweat & Blood

      The Investment Of Sweat & Blood

      Magnificent bridges are awe inspiring. But generally we marvel only at the genius of the engineers and the magnitude of the financial input, hardly appreciating the investment of human sweat and blood.

    • Ageing In Place

      Ageing In Place

      People are living longer and longer. While longevity is something to be celebrated, an ageing population is a considerable problem for any modern city or country.
      According to Hong Kong Population Projections, the population is expected to remain on an ageing trend. The proportion of the population aged 65 and over is projected to rise markedly to 2.58 million in 2064. The needs of long term elderly care are projected with declining mortality rate in our aging population.
      Most of the people want to age at home instead of spending their last part of lives in old age homes. In Hong Kong, a policy referred to as ageing in place was introduced in 2003. But have the burden of the caregivers been addressed?

    • The Tug-of-war With Bugs

      The Tug-of-war With Bugs

      For some three quarters of a century, antibiotics have done humankind great service. Due to various reasons, however, they are fast losing their efficacy against superbugs. Alarm bells are ringing.