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    African elephants are facing extinction. Because of the ivory trade, they are being slaughtered for their tusks.
    However, there seems to be hope on the horizon. Most countries in the world are taking action against the ivory trade.

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    • A Decade Of Wounds

      A Decade Of Wounds

      The Wenchuan earthquake 10 years ago changed the lives of countless people. The temblor reaffirmed for them the impermanence of life and compelled them onto the path of rights activists.
      Some parents waited 10 years hoping the authorities would erect a tombstone over a mass grave and engrave their children’s names on it. Others were jailed for probing the truth behind shoddy construction work.
      Ten years of wounds that won’t heal. As the pain of the earthquake dissipates, does a new life beckon or another round of trauma?

    • An Unforgettable Earthquake

      An Unforgettable Earthquake

      10 years ago, nearly 70,000 people died in the Wenchuan earthquake. Thousands of parents lost their children. After the quake, many people suspected shoddy construction work caused a large number of schools to collapse. Sang Jun and Liu Yuting, the parents of 2 victims, persevered in finding the truth. In the past decade, they trod the same road of appeals to the court, petitioning Beijing, and asking the media to expose the issue. But investigations still wallow in the mires.
      For 10 years, they struggled between persistence and renunciation.
      Will persistence bring a new dawn?
      Will giving up mean the lost of all hope?

    • Lump Sum Grant

      Lump Sum Grant

      The government began subsidising NGOs with lump sum grants in 2000 to replace the traditional reimbursement schemes to allow organisations more flexibility in using resources.
      17 years on, the social welfare sector criticised the Lump Sum Grant as a ruse for capping resources for all services. Most NGO salaries have been decoupled from civil service salary scales, frontline staff are exploited and young social workers are changing careers.
      The industry also slams the failure of the government to adjust the subsidy programme to changing times. Some services have been relying for years on private funds or the business community.
      The Lump Sum Grant is now under review, a move welcomed by the social welfare sector.

    • Low End Population

      Low End Population

      The sage of China's "low-end population" stemmed from a huge fire in Beijing in the harsh winter of 2017. The inferno razed an apartment building on the outskirts of the Capital, killing 19 people. It prompted the Municipal Government to dismantle a host of buildings deemed illegal. Residents evicted were dubbed the “low-end population”. They’re the hordes of migrant workers who sought a better life in the nation’s capital. But they were driven out from their hearth and home, even expelled from the city under the guise of “eliminating hidden dangers.” Residents had their water and electricity curtailed, others were forced to sleep in the streets. Some chose to return to their native villages. Who is “low end”, who is “high end”? The issue has become a global hot topic. Some foreign media have described this as a humanitarian disaster for China.

      Beijing artist Hua Yong was arrested by authorities for filming a documentary of the "low-end population”. He noted Chinese people are powerless to resist tyranny but urged them to have the courage to tell the truth in order to reverse their fate.

    • Mending Our Ways

      Mending Our Ways

      Hong Kong's plastic recycling rate has been disappointingly low albeit increased awareness of environmental concern. From time to time, there are sayings that recycled plastics are dumped to landfill. Is that still the case now? In 2015, while paper and metal recycling in Hong Kong exceeded 50%, why plastic recycling rate only reached 10.5%?

    • Short-changed



    • I Wish I Could Fly

      I Wish I Could Fly

      This story is about the courage and determination of a girl.
      Samantha is a hearing impaired person. Unfortunately, she was also diagnosed with muscular dystrophy when she was in form 2.
      In the past year, her condition is getting worse. Samantha determines flying in the sky to enjoy the freedom and joy without being bounded by the wheelchair while she could still breathe normally.
      3 gentlemen have tried many ways, in order to help Samantha to realize her dream. But there are many hurdles in between; can she fly in the end?

    • Short Term Tenancies

      Short Term Tenancies

      There’s no shortage of government land that’s presently lying idle because no development plans have yet been finalised. In theory, such land can be leased to private concerns or individuals on Short Term Tenancies.

    • Gentlemen's Battle

      Gentlemen's Battle

      Incumbent Hong Kong Bar Council chairperson Paul Lam is aggressively seeking re-election, amid a well-publicized challenge from Philip Dykes who vows to ‘stand fearlessly’ for judicial independence.
      Many in the legal circles expect that the race between Lam and Dykes is going to be a tough one.
      Why does the election of a professional body catch the attention of the public? How would the two lists of candidates prepare for the election? Will this election reflect the attitude of the Bar Council defending the city’s rule of law in coming years?

    • Blood Ivory

      Blood Ivory

      African elephants are facing extinction. Because of the ivory trade, they are being slaughtered for their tusks.
      However, there seems to be hope on the horizon. Most countries in the world are taking action against the ivory trade.