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John Tsang, was a Chief executive candidate and made a promises to fix splits, build a hopeful society in the last election campaign . In this series, He is our guest host and goes to meet our cases. Through his eyes, he explores how the cases try to restore a tools, a relationship or conflict among the society, in hopes of raising public awareness.



The struggle of Judy as to stay to live an unhappy life here or emigrate to Taiwan.


07 - 09
  • To leave or not to leave

    To leave or not to leave

    The struggle of Judy as to stay to live an unhappy life here or emigrate to Taiwan.

  • Spirit of The Little Musketeers

    Spirit of The Little Musketeers

    Keep fighting, Kids!
    Fencing equipment is expensive that’s explain why fencing has not been a popular sport played in Hong Kong, especially among the grassroots families. Luckily, two 9-years-old students who have an opportunity to join a free fencing lesson hold by a charity fund for almost two years. Their coaches told us the aim of the program is to empower underprivileged youths by providing equal sports training opportunities to narrow the gap of inequality.
    Fencing requires concentration and judgement with a calm mind to make a quick reaction. Let’s see how fencing can help these two students to improve and build up not only their concentration and agility, but also self-confidence.

  • Rekindling of the village bond

    Rekindling of the village bond

    Yim Tin Tsai, located off the coast of Sai Kung, is a village more than 300 years old. In the early days, the villagers grew crops and made salt. They began to emigrate to the UK in the 1960s. Some of them moved to the city. In recent years, some villagers would like to restore their ancestral home and rekindle the old village spirit.

  • Martial Arts : The Art of Peace

    Martial Arts : The Art of Peace

    The aim of learning martial arts is not to defeat others, but the key is to subdue your opponent’s heart. This is the concept of martial virtue. The highest level of martial arts is the use of it to settle disputes. Nowadays, society is torn apart and very turbulent, and this might be due to the fact that Hong Kong people have forgotten about this valuable spirit of marital arts.

  • A Nanyin Story

    A Nanyin Story

    Nanyin had been a gem of traditional Lingnan culture. However, the genre began to decline in the 1970s. Tong Kin Woon, a renowned actor Cantonese Opera, is devoting himself to preserve this form of folk art.

  • Mend My Family

    Mend My Family

    At the moment, close to 50,000 couples get married every year, but there are some 20,000 couples who file for divorce. After Zoe's parents separated, she lived with her father, but they both felt lonely. Minnie married into this family and is the stepmother of Zoe. She gave birth to a girl and a boy eventually. As Zoe's half-sister grew older, she began to feel insecure deep inside. How can they restore their relationship with family?

  • With Whom Does the Song Resonate?

    With Whom Does the Song Resonate?

    Hong Kong has been famous for Canton pop with its unique cultural and linguistic features. However, it is no more as popular as 1980s and 1990s. Some said political disputes after 1997 decrease the willingness of creativity. Some said Canton pop does not share their thoughts and reveal the society any more. Can Canton pop become people’s necessity again?

  • Old Town, Don’t Go

    Old Town, Don’t Go

    The remains of the Chinese Old Houses in Cochrane Street show Hong Kong's histroy rarely known by people.

  • Stolen Memories

    Stolen Memories

    Mei-Ying, aged 90, has dementia, sometimes she forgets important dates or events, and sometimes she asks for the same information over and over. Her granddaughters, who take care of her, feel stressful and frustrating. How can they overcome the pressure and difficulties?
    Producer: Eva Chen

  • Traces of Restoration

    Traces of Restoration

    We all have gaps and things that are missing in our lives. Some people choose to ignore them, but others confront them bravely. There are many imperfections in life. You don’t always need to cover up the imperfections. Instead, you can tell other people what imperfect means. A lot of times, these imperfections make up a person’s uniqueness. And similar to “kintsugi”.

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