Turning a hobby into a career is everyone’s wish, no matter whether you are able-bodied or disabled. It is also everyone’s desire to gain others’ recognition and support. Everyone is entitled to the right of pursuing his or her dream.

    Carrie Lai suffered from Poliomyelitis when she was very small and she has to walk on clutches or travel on wheelchair. Carrie worked as an accounting clerk after her secondary school graduation. She spent her leisure time learning flower arrangement and made it her hobby. In 1995, she represented Hong Kong in a competition in Australia and even won the overall championship. A few years ago, Carrie decided to open Hong Kong’s first florist shop solely operated by persons with disabilities together with her good friend, Rebecca Lai, who is wheelchair-bound and also loves flower arrangement. They employed Li Ka-yi, who is hearing impaired, as a staff member and provided job opportunity to persons with disabilities. Their products gradually gain their customers’ recognition and more and more people become their regular patrons. Their business is doing well.

    Wong Ho-ming’s lower limbs suddenly became paralysed because of congenital spinal vascular problems when he was in his twenties. Ho-ming is wheelchair-bound but he did not give up. He even learned computer skills and accounting by himself, and switched job from a mechanic to a clerical worker. Eight years ago, his pet, a Collie, could not walk because of joint degeneration. This prompted Ho-ming to face life in a more proactive way and look for a cure everywhere. This experience and his love for dogs made him invest his savings over the years on opening a pet shop and develop his hobby into a career. As he is well versed in health care issues of dogs, he gradually earns his clients’ recognition. His pet shop business is growing in size.

    When one has faith in oneself, nothing can prevent him or her from turning a hobby into a career!