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    Business and Market Discussions / View from Japan

    China’s State Council yesterday issued its long-awaited development plan for the development of the Greater Bay Area, which aims to link Hong Kong and Macau with nine cities in Guangdong into a "world-class city-cluster". The document says geographical advantages of the area, its economic strength and internationalisation, will be factors that form the foundation of the cooperation between the 11 cities. The SAR government said the new bay area plans will “expand the living space and development of Hong Kong residents.”

    The US Commerce Department has sent a report to President Trump which could recommend tariffs of up to 25% be introduced on assembled cars and components. President Trump has 90 days to decide whether to act on the findings. The EU said it would “react in a swift and adequate manner” if tariffs were imposed.

    On this morning’s Money Talk we have Connie Bolland of Economic Research Analysis and Independent Analyst, Andrew Sullivan. Providing the view from Japan is Tokyo-based author and journalist, William Pesek.

    19/02/2019 - 足本 Full (HKT 08:03 - 08:32)

    19/02/2019 - 8:07 Business and Market Discussions

    Connie Bolland, Founder & Chief Economist of Economic Research Analysis, comments that the latest development plan for the Greater Bay Area provides no further details but is designed to boost sentiment ahead of the National People's Congress, in case the trade talks with the US does not end with a positive outcome.

    Independent Analyst Andrew Sullivan says that Chinese consumers are less willing to spend amid the uncertainties from the trade war, thus contributing to the drop in China's auto sales.

    19/02/2019 - 8:24 View from Japan

    Tokyo-based Journalist & Author William Pesek expects that this year will be the worst year for Japan under Abenomics, with the uncertainties from the US-China trade dispute impacting Japanese trade and the economy.



    Business and Market Discussions / View from Taiwan

    主持人:Peter Lewis

    The wild swings in global stocks has continued for a fourth day with shares on Wall Street oscillating between losses and gains. US government bond yields have also jumped higher and are now almost back to where they were before the latest sell-off in shares began.

    China has responded to the US Trump administration’s slapping of tariffs on imports of solar panels and washing machines by filing a complaint with the World Trade Organisation. China says the tariffs are not consistent with international trade rules.

    US Senate leaders have reached a bipartisan budget deal that will keep the government funded for two years. It also significantly increases military and domestic spending by around $300 billion. However, the measure could face resistance in the House of Representatives.

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives and the Social Democrats have agreed in principle on a coalition deal. Germany has been unable to cobble a government together for four months, the longest period without a government since the second world war. The latest agreement seems likely to break the deadlock and lead to the formation of a new government by Easter.

    On today’s programme, our regular Thursday guest, Enzio von Pfeil is joined by Steve Wang from CITIC CLSA. On the phone from Taipei is Maurice Lu of Sinopac Futures in Taiwan.


    08/02/2018 - 足本 Full (HKT 08:03 - 08:32)

    08/02/2018 - 8:08 Business and Market Discussion

    Enzio von Pfeil comments that when he looks at his indicators, they show that the global “Economic Time” peaked last October and has been waning a little since then.

    Steve Wang, Senior Credit Analyst at CITIC CLSA, says that the way for Chinese companies to counteract the impact of tariffs by the US, is to produce better products that can compete with American goods.

    08/02/2018 - 8:24 View from Taiwan

    Maurice Lu, Deputy Chairman of Sinopac Futures in Taiwan, believes that the market will not go up much before the expected rise in US interest rates in March.

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