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    A fast moving and topical business and finance show bringing you breaking business and economic news and financial market updates. Presented by former CEO and investment bank global trading head Peter Lewis, with over 30 years' industry experience. Join Peter and his expert guests for analysis and discussion on the day's top business stories live every weekday morning 8 to 8:30 a.m. on RTHK Radio 3. We have a podcast to download after the show and you can also listen through the RTHK Radio 3 website live or later in the day. We welcome your questions, comments and feedback to read out in the show. You can email us at moneytalk@rthk.hk, post on our Facebook page "Money Talk on RTHK Radio 3 " or find us on twitter "MoneytalkRadio3") .



    Business and Market Discussion

    Chinese state media has labelled the US as a “rogue country” and described the potential sale of video sharing firm TikTok to Microsoft as “theft.” The China Daily said Beijing “has plenty of ways to respond if the administration carries out its planned smash and grab” of TikTok.

    The US factory sector has improved for a second consecutive month. Factory orders rose 6.2% in June, adding to the 7.7% gain seen in May. The gains were led by orders for transportation equipment, with a rise of 20.2%.


    Hong Kong’s Mandatory Provident Fund returned on average 3.85% in July, or HK$11,136 for each of the nearly 3 million people in the scheme. Asia-Pacific equity funds were the best performers with average monthly returns of 8.8%, followed by Greater China equity funds at 8.7% and US equity funds at 5.7%.

    On today’s Money Talk, we’re joined by Stewart Aldcroft of CitiTrust, David Roche at Independent Strategy and RTHK’s International Economics Correspondent Barry Wood in Washington, D.C.

    05/08/2020 - 足本 Full (HKT 08:03 - 08:35)

    05/08/2020 - 8:09am Business and Market Discussion

    Stewart Aldcroft, Chairman of CitiTrust says that uncertainty from the latest surge in Covid-19 makes it difficult for the Fed to take targeted recovery measures.

    David Roche, President & Global Strategist at Independent Strategy views the TikTok saga as another step towards a US-China cold war and he expects finance to be targeted next.

    Barry Wood, RTHK’s International Economics Correspondent in Washington, D.C. doesn’t think that the US will restrict economic freedom, despite forcing a sale of TikTok, as the free market remains in the country’s best interests.


    07 - 08


    Eaton HK, Award Winner of the Community Business LGBT+ Inclusion Award. Photo handout from Eaton HK

    Business and Market Discussions / View from China

    主持人:Richard Harris

    Joining Richard Harris on today's Money Talk are Alex Wong, Director of Asset Management at Ample Capital and Mark Michelson, Chairman of Asia CEO forum at IMA Asia. On the phone from Shanghai is Michael Norris, Research & Strategy Manager at Agency China.


    13/01/2020 - 足本 Full (HKT 08:03 - 08:35)

    13/01/2020 - 8:09am Business and Market Discussions / View from China

    Alex Wong, Director of Asset Management at Ample Capital, says he doesn't think China will "weaponise" its reduced exposure in the US.

    Mark Michelson, Chairman of Asia CEO Forum at IMA Asia, highlights that China's advancement in innovation means that local companies are eager to enhance the protection of intellectual property at home and abroad.

    Michael Norris, Research & Strategy Manager at Agency China, reminds us that foreign businesses in China need to take into account the sensitivity of details in their communication strategy.

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