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    Business and Market Discussion / View from mainland China

    The moment of truth for troubled property developer China Evergrande has arrived, after Chinese authorities told major lenders not to expect interest payments from the firm this week. On September 23, Evergrande is due to pay US$83.5 million in interest for a dollar-denominated note, in addition to 232 million yuan (US$36 million) for a renminbi note.

    Signs of contagion are already visible in the financial markets. The seven-day repo rate, an indicator for interbank borrowing costs, jumped 14bps Friday to 2.4%, the highest since June 30. Some banks in China appear to be hoarding yuan at the highest cost in almost four years, as they prepare for a liquidity squeeze. Chinese junk bond yields hit an 11-year high Friday, printing 14.34%, the highest level since 2011.
    Hang Seng futures are pointing to losses of about 0.5% for Hong Kong stocks at the open, after they snapped a four-day losing streak Friday, with the Hang Seng rebounding from a 10-month low and tech firms clawing back some of the week's steep losses. The Hang Seng Index rose 1% Friday, or 252 points, to 24,920. Still, the index lost 4.9% for the week, the biggest pullback in a month. The Hang Seng Tech Index climbed 3.5% Friday but was down 4.4% over the week.
    On Monday’s Money Talk, we’re joined by Alex Wong of Ample Capital and John Schofield, Managing Director at Tempus Investment. With a view from Mainland China is Independent Economist, Andy Xie.

    20/09/2021 - 足本 Full (HKT 08:03 - 08:35)

    20/09/2021 - 8:09am Business and Market Discussion

    Alex Wong, Director of Asset Management at Ample Capital thinks that the potential Evergrande default is causing widespread concern among other property developers and there could be a domino effect.

    John Schofield, Managing Director at Tempus Investment thinks that the Macau government wants the SAR to divert away from its gaming sector.

    20/09/2021 - 8:24am View from mainland China

    Andy Xie, Shanghai-based Independent Economist, predicts that the mainland China authorities will not bail out Evergrande’s bondholders or retail investors who have bought its wealth management products.




    Nate Taplin, (Left in photo) Asia Editor of the Wall Street Journal’s Heard on the Street and Kenny Wen, (Right in photo) Wealth Management Strategist at Everbright Sun Hung Kai


    Andrew Freris, CEO of Ecognosis Advisory and Nick Marro, Lead for Global Trade of the Economist Intelligence Unit

    Business and Market Discussion / View from Japan

    主持人:Peter Lewis

    Hong Kong’s Financial Secretary, Paul Chan, warned on Sunday that the deficit in the current fiscal year will hit a record high of HK$300 billion, but an increase in stamp duty revenue last year helped mitigate the financial situation. He said it'll be difficult to "sweeten" the financial blueprint, but there will be a combination of measures to help alleviate people's burden, though the scale may not be as big as last year.

    Japan’s economic recovery performed better than expected in the final quarter of last year. GDP grew at an annualized pace of 12.7% from the prior three months, boosted by exports, business investment and consumer spending. Economists had been expecting a 10.1% expansion. For the full year, the economy contracted by a better than expected 4.8%.

    Global stocks ended Friday at a record high after investors poured a record US$58bn into global stock funds last week. The MSCI World Index closed at an all-time high and is up about 6% this year. In the US, the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq Composite Index closed at records, taking their gains for the month to 5.9% and 7.8% respectively. In Hong Kong, the Hang Seng closed before the Lunar New Year holidays at its highest level since June 2018. Mainland markets saw their best return in seven years in the year of the rat.

    On today’s Money Talk, we’re joined by William Ma, Hong Kong-based investment executive and Michelle Lam of Societe Generale. With a view from Japan is Tokyo-based journalist and author William Pesek.


    16/02/2021 - 足本 Full (HKT 08:03 - 08:35)

    16/02/2021 - 8:07am Business and Market Discussion

    Michelle Lam, Greater China Economist at Societe Generale, says that a hike in China's interest rates by the PBOC could trigger market volatility and take investors by surprise.

    Wiliam Ma, Hong Kong-based investment executive, still favours new economy sectors over the old economy, and says it is too early to rotate back to the old economy, as the market still favours growth

    16/02/2021 - 8:23am View from Japan

    William Pesek, Tokyo-based journalist and author, says that a continuation of the economic recovery in Japan depends upon the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine programme.

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