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    A fast moving and topical business and finance show bringing you breaking business and economic news and financial market updates. Presented by former CEO and investment bank global trading head Peter Lewis, with over 30 years' industry experience. Join Peter and his expert guests for analysis and discussion on the day's top business stories live every weekday morning 8 to 8:30 a.m. on RTHK Radio 3. We have a podcast to download after the show and you can also listen through the RTHK Radio 3 website live or later in the day. We welcome your questions, comments and feedback to read out in the show. You can email us at moneytalk@rthk.hk, post on our Facebook page "Money Talk on RTHK Radio 3 " or find us on twitter "MoneytalkRadio3") .



    Business and Market Discussion / View from Japan

    There has been a resurgence of Covid-19 cases in mainland China which health authorities expect to worsen in the coming days.China reported 38 Covid infections on Monday, half of which were found in Inner Mongolia. In Beijing, the epidemic has expanded to three districts and the city has banned entry to people arriving from anywhere in the country that’s reported locally transmitted Covid cases and will cancel next Sunday’s marathon.

    On Wall Street, US stocks have hit a record high once again, ahead of earnings reports from the major tech companies this week. The S&P 500 index rose 0.5% to 4,566, closing at a record high for the second time in the past five sessions.
    It was a historic day for electric automaker Tesla. Shares of Tesla rose 12.7% to a new all-time high after it reached a deal to sell 100,000 vehicles to the car rental firm Hertz. The move took its market cap to over US$1 trillion. It’s the first car company in the world to reach a market cap of 1 trillion and only the seventh company overall after Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Alphabet, Facebook and Saudi Aramco.
    On today’s Money Talk, we’re joined by Quentin Webb from The Wall Street Journal and Andrew Sullivan Making Market Sense. With a view from Japan is Nick Smith at CLSA in Tokyo.

    26/10/2021 - 足本 Full (HKT 08:03 - 08:35)

    26/10/2021 - 8:09am Business and Market Discussion

    Quentin Webb, Asia Market Editor at The Wall Street Journal suggests that the SAR's zero-covid policy is diminishing the city's attractiveness as an international financial hub, as foreign investors and executives are unable to fly in or out for business exchanges.

    Andrew Sullivan, Founder of Making Market Sense notes that Tesla has revolutionised the production of electrical vehicles more than its competitors, which contributes to the company's trillion dollar market value.

    26/10/2021 - 8:24am View from Japan

    Nick Smith, Japan Strategist at CLSA reports that the Liberal Democratic party did not elect PM Kishida as their leader to reform Japan's economy, but rather as someone who might have similar goals to 'Abenomics'.




    Samuel Faveur of Mandarin Capital and Will Denyer from Gavekal


    Tony Tse - Executive Managing Director at TMX Group



    Business and Market Discussion / Interview with Lester Huang, Chairman of the Investor & Financial Education Council

    主持人:Peter Lewis

    The Wall Street Journal is reporting that President Xi Jinping is launching an anti-corruption review of 25 Chinese financial institutions, including state controlled banks and private companies. The investigation was announced in September but the Journal’s sources say it's ramping up, as investigators try to determine whether state-controlled financial firms have become "too chummy" with the private sector.
    Another Chinese property developer indicated Monday that it could struggle to meet a bond repayment deadline. Modern Land said in a filing to the Hong Kong stock exchange that it would seek consent from non-US bondholders to extend the maturity of a US$250m bond by three months, from October 25 to January 25.
    Holders of two Evergrande US dollar notes with coupons due yesterday said they'd yet to receive payment. Together with a payment on a third bond, combined interest due as of Monday was about US$148 million.

    On today’s Money Talk, we’re joined by John Marrett of The Economist Intelligence Unit and Michelle Lam at Societe Generale Corporate and Investment Banking. In the second part of the programme we’re joined by Lester Huang, Chairman of the Investor & Financial Education Council.


    12/10/2021 - 足本 Full (HKT 08:03 - 08:35)

    12/10/2021 - 8:07 Business and Market Discussion

    Michelle Lam, Greater China Economist at Societe Generale Corporate and Investment Banking, warns that recent power shortages are likely to cause a deceleration in Chinese manufacturing activity.

    John Marrett, Senior Analyst of the Economist Intelligence Unit, suggests that China's diversified monetary policy toolkit might aid policymakers with their response to prevailing economic troubles.

    12/10/2021 - 8:21 Interview with Lester Huang, Chairman of the Investor & Financial Education Council

    IFEC Chairman Lester Huang suggests that long-term planning, realistic goal-setting, and a good attitude are key when it comes to being financially literate.

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