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    Business and Market Discussion / View From India

    The People’s Bank of China has cut the one-year loan prime rate by 10bps from 3.8% to 3.7%. It’s the second reduction in a month. In December, the PBOC cut the one-year loan prime rate for the first time since April 2020. The five-year loan prime rate was reduced by 5 basis points from 4.65% to 4.6%, in its first cut since April 2020.


    Inflation in Hong Kong hit a five-month high in December, driven up by rising costs of meals out, takeaway food and electricity charges. Consumer prices rose 2.4% year-on-year in December, up from the 1.8% increase recorded the previous month. Netting out the effects of one-off government relief measures, the underlying inflation rate was 1.4% in December, 0.2 percentage points higher than that in November and at a 19-month high.


    The International Monetary Fund has warned that the balance of risks facing Hong Kong’s economy are tilted to the downside. The IMF forecast that economic growth in the SAR will decline from 6.4% in 2021 to 3% in 2022. In its annual report it said risks to the economy include ongoing uncertainty linked to the pandemic, which could impact the flow of people and further weigh on consumption, along with a slower than expected global recovery, and continued disruption of global supply chains. The report said a quicker reopening of borders could drive a stronger recovery in private consumption.

    On today’s Money Talk, we’re joined by Kenny Wen of Everbright Securities International and Andrew Freris from UCAP HK Asset Management. With a view from India is Toby Lawson, CEO of Societe Generale India.

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    21/01/2022 - 足本 Full (HKT 08:03 - 08:35)

    21/01/2022 - 8.08 am Business and Market Discussion

    Kenny Wen, Wealth Management Strategist at Everbright Securities International predicts that mainland China's economy will stabilise this year with GDP increasing 5.1%.

    Andrew Freris, Chief Strategist at UCAP HK Asset Management has a negative view on the Hong Kong stock market for this quarter as the SAR's property sector is looking fragile and the effects of the government’s "zero-Covid" policy is hurting the economy.

    21/01/2022 - 8:23am View from India

    Toby Lawson, CEO of Societe Generale India reports that Indian bonds could be attractive this year as they are added to global bond indices.




    Personal Wealth Adviser Enzio Von Pfeil (Left) and Andrew Sullivan, (Right) Managing Director at Outset Global



    Personal Wealth Adviser Enzio Von Pfeil (Top left) and Louisa Fok, (Top right) China Equity Strategist at Bank of Singapore, David Friedland, (Bottom) Regional Head and Managing Director of Interactive Brokers Asia Pacific.


    Patrick Bennett, Macro Strategist at CIBC World Markets (Top Left),  Carlos Casanova, Senior Asia Economist at UBP (Top right) and Ruchir Desai, Fund Manager at Asia Frontier Capital (Bottom)

    Business and Market Discussion / View from India

    主持人:Peter Lewis

    South Korea has become the latest country to raise interest rates to tackle inflation. In a move that was widely expected, the Bank of Korea on Thursday raised its policy rate for the second time in three months, by 25bps to 1%.

    The head of Hong Kong’s securities watchdog has defended the government’s strict quarantine policy, saying that it will not affect the city’s status as a global finance hub. Ashley Alder, chief executive of the Securities and Futures Commission, said, “other cities cannot replicate what we are doing. Hong Kong has a range of successful cross-border trading schemes with the mainland, including the two Stock Connect schemes, Bond Connect and Wealth Management Connect schemes.”
    Chief Secretary John Lee said yesterday Hong Kong has in principle met the requirements for a full border reopening. After leading a Hong Kong delegation holding talks with mainland officials in Shenzhen, he said the SAR was now ready to push ahead with quarantine-free travel with the mainland.
    On today’s Money Talk, we’re joined by Nate Taplin from the Wall Street Journal’s Heard on the Street and Carlos Casanova at UBP. With a view from India is Toby Lawson of Societe Generale India.


    26/11/2021 - 足本 Full (HKT 08:03 - 08:35)

    26/11/2021 - 8:08am Business and Market Discussion

    Nate Taplin, Asia Editor, at the Wall Street Journal’s Heard on the Street thinks that the Hong Kong stock market is not affected by the SAR’s closed borders, but rather by the regulatory crackdown and reforms in mainland China.

    Carlos Casanova, Senior Asia Economist at UBP notes that South Korea is one of the first economies to break out of the Covid19 slump, but he worries about surging home prices and inflation.

    26/11/2021 - 8:24am View from India

    Toby Lawson, CEO of Societe Generale India reports that India is not looking to completely ban cryptocurrencies, but to more stringently regulate them.

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