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    主持人:Phil Whelan

    Weekday programme Morning Brew is a chat and music show. Hosted by Phil Whelan, guests include regular contributors and drop-ins, who span topics from earnest current affairs to cookery to the arts.

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    22/03/2019 - 第一部份 Part 1 (HKT 09:30 - 10:00)



    Jarrod Watt – Aussie journalist / Merrin Pearse – Sustainability Strategist / Chris Watts – Motion Dynamics / Markus Pukonen – Adventurer

    主持人:Phil Whelan

    Welcome to Tuesday on Morning Brew. After both of us being crook last week, Jarrod Watt’s back at 10.10 today with the latest from Down Under. Australia has managed to move the agenda away from the love life of politicians to something far more racist, where the sides are ‘good’, ‘bad’, and clearly marked. But, there are one or two other events that are fuelling a white-hot fire under Peter Dutton right now. At 10.40 Dr. Merrin Pearse returns to talk about using International Human Rights Law to influence environmental policy in Hong Kong. At 11.40, the busiest man in the health industry. “Live” from...Kennedy Town... Chris Watts will talk about DNA and why people seize up as they get older. Morris Miselowski is 30,000 feet in the air somewhere today, so he’ll be back next week with his technological tea leaves. Instead, at 12.10 we catch up with adventurer Markus Pukonen, the Canadian guy who's traveling the world without using power. Today: Malaysia. (9:30am-1pm, email morningbrew@rthk.hk )


    20/03/2018 - 足本 Full (HKT 09:30 - 13:00)

    20/03/2018 - 第一部份 Part 1 (HKT 09:30 - 10:00)

    20/03/2018 - 第二部份 Part 2 (HKT 10:05 - 11:00)

    20/03/2018 - 第三部份 Part 3 (HKT 11:05 - 12:00)

    20/03/2018 - 第四部份 Part 4 (HKT 12:05 - 13:00)

    20/03/2018 - Jarrod Watt – Aussie journalist

    20/03/2018 - Merrin Pearse – Sustainability Strategist

    20/03/2018 - Chris Watts – Motion Dynamics

    20/03/2018 - Markus Pukonen – Adventurer

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