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    主持人:Phil Whelan

    Weekday programme Morning Brew is a chat and music show. Hosted by Phil Whelan, guests include regular contributors and drop-ins, who span topics from earnest current affairs to cookery to the arts.

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    Colin Touchin – Composer and conductor / Philippe Dova – RTL France man / Chris Watts – Motion Dynamics

    Good morning. Welcome to Wednesday. It's 'classical' music day on Morning Brew. Maestro Colin Touchin will be with us at 10.40 to tell you all about one of the most famous composing prizes in musical history. It's called the Prix de Rome, but hardly anyone really knows the test pieces that these guys had to write as their submissions. Of course Colin will fill in the quavers and crotchets for you today, and play you some wonderful music in the process. At 11.10, live from Tokyo, RTL France's Asia correspondent Philippe Dova with be back, with more classic French hits of summer. And, after 12 it's time for our weekly visit to Chris Watts at his Motion Dynamics studio in Central, to talk about preventing what's called 'pain catastrophising'. Join him on Facebook live to watch the demos and ask any questions you may have.

    06/07/2022 - 第一部份 Part 1 (HKT 09:30 - 10:00)

    第二部份 Part 2 (HKT 10:05 - 11:00)


    06 - 07

    Jarrod Watt – Aussie journalist / Sustainabilist Merrin Pearse and Sam Inglis - Hong Kong’s Invisible Pets / Morris Miselowski – Business futurism

    主持人:Phil Whelan

    Welcome to Tuesday on Morning Brew. It’s a new dawn, episode, era, insert noun here… for Australia. Jarrod Watt will be with us after 10, for a slightly more music heavy session today, after the long anticipated election in his country is finally over. We all know what the news is, so let’s enjoy Jarrod’s soundtrack to it today. At 11.40, Dr. Merrin Pearse will be with us, live from New Zealand. Today he’ll be joined by Sam Inglis from ADM Capital Foundation, to discuss their latest report; ‘Wild, Threatened, Farmed: Hong Kong’s Invisible Pets’. It sheds light on the scale and nature of the city’s exotic pet trade. Join them on Facebook live. At 12.10 we're off to Melbourne to talk with biz futurist Morris Miselowski, who’ll also have a very Australian flavour for you today.


    24/05/2022 - 足本 Full (HKT 09:30 - 13:00)

    第一部份 Part 1 (HKT 09:30 - 10:00)

    第二部份 Part 2 (HKT 10:05 - 11:00)

    第三部份 Part 3 (HKT 11:05 - 12:00)

    第四部份 Part 4 (HKT 12:05 - 13:00)

    24/05/2022 - Jarrod Watt – Aussie journalist

    24/05/2022 - Sustainabilist Merrin Pearse and Sam Inglis - Hong Kong’s Invisible Pets

    24/05/2022 - Morris Miselowski – Business futurism

    24/05/2022 - Part 4

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