An unique opportunity for children and parents to practice their English.

    Sunday Smile



    "The Sunday Smile" gives a unique opportunity for primary school children and parents to practise their English together. The show features fun educational segments, competitions with prizes, cool music, and contemporary stories.

    Catch it live:
    Sunday 9.00am - 9.30am

    Podcast: Weekly update and available after its broadcast. 



    The Ocean / Stunning Sports

    I’ve got a great show lined up for you today, starting with a bit of Exploring Earth, as we dive deep beneath the surface of the ocean. Then we’ll be joined by students just like you on The Sunday Stage. After that we’ll have some fun on Stunning Sports. And finally we’re ending with an adventure in The World of Lux.

    20/09/2020 - 足本 Full (HKT 09:05 - 09:35)



    TWGHs Shui Chuen O Primary School / America in the early 20th century

    I’ve got an amazing show lined up for you today. As we’re traveling back in time to America in the early 20th century. I’ve got some Fun Facts and Magnificent Music to explore this time today. I’m also excited to welcome some students onto The Sunday Stage to share something interesting with you all. And finally, we’ll be ending with an adventure in the fantasy world of Lux.


    05/01/2020 - 足本 Full (HKT 09:05 - 09:35)

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