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    'SongBite' - We break down the lyrics behind one of your favourite songs.

    'Question of the Week' - A special prize up for grabs every week!

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    - 'StyleFyle' - Jennifer Su brings us her guidelines to fashion and trends, with health tips and stylish advices bi-weekly. 

    - 'Monday Wrap' -  Steve James gives us a weekly highlight of interesting newsworthy topics.

    - 'Open Space' - Students from Hong Kong come on air to express their views.

    - 'Level Up' -  A taste of student interviews by Kely Support Group's podcast - "This Hong Kong Life"

    'Around Town' - Thomas Latter takes us to check out the coolest & funniest events/ activites in the town, and alternatively, he reviews the latest movies for us on 'Latter on Film'

    'Open Space' - Again, students from Hong Kong come on air to express their views

    - Level Up -  Academic and career mentors on "I Am..." Youth Portal, a St James' Settlement x Hang Seng Bank collaboration, tell Alyson what teenagers are curious about.

    - '
    Savvy Earth Savers ' - Cruzanne Macalligan shares with you some smart, easy and creative ways to protect our planet

    - 'Sports Around the World' - Ben Cullen gives us a weekly update on what's happening in the world of sports, with insider interviews, every Friday.

    Plus 'Celeb News' and the hottest new tunes, it's Teen Time on Radio 3! 

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    Focus... on Teen Time, with Hailee Steinfeld

    Alyson Hau had a Zoom interview with the gorgeous Hailee Steinfeld, speaking about her latest EP "Half Written Story", breaking down these extremely personal songs, track-by-track. We also asked her for advice on studying from home, and with her homeschooling experience, useful tips and great attitude are on offer! Plus, Hailee embraced Alyson's Zoom challenge, by exposing her least "zoom-friendly" items in the background!!

    @mabel (Zoom BackStage)

    Join @alysonhau to hear from our girl - Mabel, all the way in the UK!!
    She's speaking about her new single "Boyfriend", her contribution to "Live Lounge All Stars - Times Like These" and @tiesto's payback for a remix.
    Since this was done via Zoom, Mabel and Alyson joked so much about how to play pranks on that platform and how to look good for your next meeting!!


    19-year-old singer-songwriter Griff says hi to us, all the way from London!!

    "Forgive Myself" is her breakout hit, which everyone has been watching on social media.

    How did she make that video? Also, what was she like as a student? How did she cope with school? Join Alyson to catch this BackStage Zoom Meeting this week, all week, on Radio 3!!

    Glass Animals

    Glass Animals made one of the coolest quarantine music videos for "Dreamland", and Dave told Alyson all about the challenges he faced making it, via the new Zoom BackStage interview!!

    Find out about his fascination on Timbaland beats and his insane mood-lighting!!


    THIS IS A BIG ONE. Make sure you catch our zoom backstage interview with Yungblud as we look into his latest single, 'Strawberry Lipstick'

    Alexander 23

    DO NOT MISS our Backstage interview with the very talented Alexander 23, as he talks to us about his music, what he is like in the studio and a potential weakness? Find out more here!


    Make sure you don't miss our #BACKSTAGE interview with @pauljasonklein from @thisislany!

    We discuss their music, his family and also who his MYSTERY barber is?!



    11/08/2020 - 足本 Full (HKT 21:05 - 22:00)


    07 - 08





    Question of the Week


    Caique Loyalla and Ben


    Alexander 23


     Tifenn Vinton
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