World Vibes



    主持人:Pierre Tremblay

    Explore music from around the world, with presenter Pierre Tremblay. Each week he introduces a unique mix of sounds, musical styles and languages. Whether traditional or contemporary, familiar or unusual, the selections you'll hear will always be captivating.

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    Hot New World Hits !

    This week World Vibes offers a new selection of Hot New Hits from a surprising number of places on the whole planet ! With new genre mixes from Rn’G-Goma to NeoM’Balax Fuzhion, DubversionJive to MultilingualRapMashUps, and new sounds from Africa to the Caribbean, the Americas North & South, to Europe, the Middle East to the Indian Ocean & More ! Click on ‘World Vibes’ above for more details.

    Our first hour starts off with new creations form Stuttgart Rapper Dardan (Germany), putting the woes of the world out-of-mind with Séverin (France), iconic Madonna tries Latino with Maluma (US-Colombia), Brazil-inspired organ-backed bilingual poetry from Fishbach & Bachar Mar-Khalifa (France-Lebanon), Latin ‘lurve’ on the Dancefloor from Pitbull, Daddy Yankee & Natti Natasha (US-Puerto Rico-Dominican Rep), female empowerment from ‘Creole Queen’ Morgane Ji (Reunion), ‘going Latino’ with James Blake & (see photo) Rosalía (UK-Spain), atmospheric near fears with Malik Djoudi (France), ReggaettónLove from Luis Fonsi, Sebastián Yatra & Nicki Jam (Puerto Rico-Colombia-US), ending with a splendid love balad while enjoying the spoils of the port with Les Ogres de Barback (France). A cornucopia of new inspirations and sounds, enjoy !
    In our second hour we continue our selection of new hits with a ‘Diss All Rap’ from Aya Nakamura (Mali-France), classic Bossa with a Master from Beirut-born Yara Lapidus & Chico Cesar (Lebanon-Brazil), NeoM’Balax Wolof Fuzhion from Giant Youssou N’Dour & Jean-Pierre Rykiel (Senegal-France), rap best sung going with the flow Ridsa (France), Dub version Jive from Seattle based Clinton Fearon (Jamaica-US), new sounds from actress-circus performer-singer-songwriter newcomer Aloïse Sauvage (France), multilingual genre-mash-up creations from Montreal-based 6 member Nomadic Massive (Canada), ‘Neue Deutsche Härte’ fare for the radio from Rammstein (Germany), impressive Rn’G or RockReggaeRap n’ Goma from Mayotte born Baco & Urban Plant (Comoros-France), ending the hour and the show with a technoambiancemood piece from painter-songwriter newcomer Johan Papaconstantino (France). A plethora of new expressions and sounds, enjoy !

    25/05/2019 - 足本 Full (HKT 13:10 - 15:00)

    25/05/2019 - 第一部份 Part 1 (HKT 13:10 - 14:00)

    25/05/2019 - 第二部份 Part 2 (HKT 14:05 - 15:00)


    03 - 05


    Rosalía at the Premios Goya in Sevilla, 2019. Photo by Pedro J Pacheco


    Angélique Kidjo live in Cotonou, 2017. Photo by HankBate123


    Charles Baudelaire by Étienne Carjat, 1863


    Sudan Archives live in Idaho, USA 2019. Photo by Elise Malterre


    Abd Al Malik at the Eurockéenes, 2007. Photo by Rama


    Muthoni Drummer Queen live in Nairobi, 2016. Photo by Elizabeth Farida


    Jacques Brel in 1971. Photo by Rob Mieremet/Anefo


    DVicio live in Madrid. Photo by Evagotor


    Alfredo Rodríguez, Jazz pianist. Photo by Withmany30


    Ana Guerra live in Sevilla, 2018. Photo by Informatrix

    'Combat 4 Dub' LP & Hot New World Hits !

    主持人:Pierre Tremblay

    This week World Vibes has two musical themes of interest ! First a new selection of Hot New Hits from a surprising number of places on the planet ! And a sampling of tracks from French Reggae band Brain Dead celebrating their 20th Anniversary with a new release of their classic hits remixed, as our featured album ! Click on ‘World Vibes’above for more details.

    Our first hour starts off with new sounds from Nairobi born AfroRapPercussionist Muthoni Ndonga aka Muthoni Drummer Queen (Kenya-Switzerland), ‘running for love’with Keen’V (France), next we sample a few tracks from our featured album ‘Combat 4 Dub’ from Lyons based Reggae band Brain Dead, celebrating their 20th Anniversary, with guest singers Horace Andy (Jamaica), Willi Williams (Jamaica-Martinique), Harrison Stafford (USA) and Tena Stelin (UK), in between which we hear more new singles from ElectroRap-Classical Arabic Poetry trio N3rdistan (Morocco), a rousing tribute to the Blues from 2 DJs and 3 guest singers Takagi & Ketra ft Calcutta, Tommaso Paradiso & Jovanotti (Italy), Nigeria inspired Santeria-Salsa from Bronx-Brooklyn band Okonkolo (USA), and after another track from our featured album we end the first hour with a new ‘Reggae goes Reggaetón’ hit from Sean Paul & J Balvin (Jamaica-Colombia). New sounds for the head and the feet, enjoy !
    Our second hour continues our sampling New Hits from legendary Addis Ababa singer Asnake Guebreye lead EthioJazzGroove band Ukandanz (Ethiopia-France), ‘bad love bad luck’ balad from Sevillano singer Hugo Salazar (Spain), then we sample a few more tracks from our featured album Çombat 4 Dub’ with tracks featuring guest singers Macky Ruff y La Gaitana (Colombia), Sir Jean (France), Zeb McQueen (Scotland),, in between which we hear new hits from WolofRap duo Natty Jean & Awadi (Senegal), Latino Lave balad from Greeicy & Nacho (Colombia-Venezuela), stunning Yoruba AfroHouse from Niniola (Nigeria), SW Catalan Gypsy meets NE Italian accordion with duetting Kendji Girac & Claudio Capéo (France), ending the hour and the show with our last track from our featured album with special guest singer, think experimental Yoko Ono style, Emiko Ota (Japan). A plethora of new sounds, creative and experimental, enjoy !


    20/04/2019 - 足本 Full (HKT 13:10 - 15:00)

    20/04/2019 - 第一部份 Part 1 (HKT 13:10 - 14:00)

    20/04/2019 - 第二部份 Part 2 (HKT 14:05 - 15:00)

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