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    星期一及星期五, 下午五時半時至六時
    Monday and Friday: 5:30pm-6pm

    主持人 Presenters:

    A group of music critics guide you through some of the the most interesting new releases to keep you in touch with the latest fine music recordings.



    New Releases: All Things Common: Music of Tarik O'Regan

    Critic: Christopher Coleman

    Music director Robert Istad writes: Tarik O’Regan’s music captured my attention when I heard a live performance of The Ecstasies Above in 2007. His music grabbed me with its rhythmic audacity, harmonic daring and unique wit. Tarik became our composer in residence at Pacific Chorale shortly after I was appointed Artistic Director, and this recording shares some fruits of our collaboration, including that auspicious Ecstasies Above, one brand new commission (Facing West) and three world premiere recordings including All Things Common.

    21/09/2020 - 足本 Full (HKT 17:30 - 18:00)



    New Releases: Jugendstil Songs 1898-1916

    Critic: Dennis Wu

    Vienna around 1900 was a melting-pot in several ways: a city attracting artists from the entire Austro-Hungarian Empire where bohemian writers and musicians rubbed shoulders with aristocrats and establishment figures, and where late-Romanticism co-existed uneasily with the Wiener Moderneaesthetic of the fin-de-siecle. In the visual arts, Jugendstil (or Wiener Secession) was all the rage: its curlicues, floral patterns and fluid lines were seen everywhere –in architecture, interior design and graphic arts. In music, the term is usually associated with composers such as Mahler, Zemlinskyand Korngold, but also early works by Alban Bergand Arnold Schoenberg.

    Following on three previous acclaimed recital discs on BIS, Camilla Tilling and Paul Riviniushave devised a programme with songs by these very composers, written between 1898 and 1916. The songs range from the Einfache Lieder by a teenaged Korngold to Zemlinsky's set of Walzer-Gesangebased on Tuscan folk poems and the much-loved Ruckert-Lieder by Mahler. Schoenberg is represented by his Op. 2 collection 4 Liederand his student Berg by the set of SiebenfruheLieder, from 1905–08.


    06/12/2019 - 足本 Full (HKT 17:30 - 18:00)

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