監製:Chan Wing Ki Vicky

Taste and you shall see that life is good. Of the five traditional human senses, taste has always been one that served in the earliest of memories to be the way of formation for life’s most emotive meanings and experience.
Close your eyes, and you may see how to each taste, there lies in the depths of our recollection not only a certain special dish or food experience but also an association of affective events that hold together the more important tales of our lives.

In the new season of Food and Culture - The Eight Dimensions of Taste, we will be covering a set of stories about food and the lives of their makers in magazine-styled manner with a running theme that puts focus on one “taste” for each episode. This season aims at discovering not only the thematic relations between each featured taste and the life stories and experience of people, but also new methods of taste explosion over a culinary collaboration between new chefs in town.

For a total of eight episodes, a single taste will be featured in each one and have its story covered through the lives of different chefs and food experts. Behind every great taste, there is a living human story of how it has influenced, shaped and defined the substances of one’s life.

a. The Formation of Taste
First part enters the kitchen realm to document the culinary process through which taste comes about.

b. Tasting the Tales of Life
Second part attempts to uncover associated memories of taste that hold together the special
experiences, maxims and emotive meanings of peoples’ lives.

Symphony of Chefs - A single taste can transform into thousands of cuisines. In part 2, our chef host Eddy, together with the guest chef of each episode, will be using a variety of food ingredients and culinary skills to showcase new dishes and bring about new taste explosions.

a. A Prelude to Taste Creations
Our hosts Eddy and Kathy will come together and share with the audience their personal memories of taste that might bring about new culinary inspirations.

b. The Taste Studio
Our chef host Eddy and the guest chef will be forming new culinary insights together in relation to the featured taste of each episode to create special dishes of their own.

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