這是世界上最慘烈,最具挑戰性的故事,記載了人類從首次駕駛飛行器飛上天空、第一次飛越大西洋、利用戰機參與第一次世界大戰和發展到超音速飛機的歷史。 這紀錄片系列搜羅了過去珍貴的黑白歷史片段,重新調上顏色,再次以更真實的畫面,展現出各國怎樣在飛行技科上比拼,令到人類不再受地域的限制,而穿梭各地。

    From the first men in their flying machines to World War One, from the first Atlantic crossing to the supersonic era, this is the story of the most daredevil challenges the world has ever known, braved by the men and women who wrote the history of human flight. As the episodes unfold, we learn how one discovery and daring exploit spurred on another, from country to country, around the world. We meet the leading players of this epic story and witness their feats in stunning colorized archive footage garnered from a wealth of international sources.

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