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    科羅威族人隱居在印尼西巴布亞省的叢林中,以樹屋為家,仍然運用石製工具。他們直至40年前才被外界發現。自此,他們被迫快速適應外面世界。作家兼探險家Will Millard將於一年內四度探訪科羅威部族,希望能較一般攝製隊更接近他們,亦可進一步了解他們離開森林、踏進現代世界所面對的壓力。他亦希望知道,現時仍有多少科羅威族人過着狩獵及採摘食物的傳統生活。Will親眼目睹這種古老的生活方式即將消失,一連串的經歷令他驚喜交集。

    Living in treehouses and using stone tools, the Korowai were only discovered living in the jungles of West Papua 40 years ago. Since then they have had to adapt rapidly to the ways of the outside world. Writer and Adventurer Will Millard is going to visit the Korowai 4 times over the course of a year, to see if he can get closer to them than is usually possible, to better understand the pressures they face, as they leave the forest behind, and transition into the modern world. He also wants to find out how much of their traditional hunter - gathering lifestyle still exists. What he finds shocks, surprises and confounds him, as he witnesses the last gasp of an ancient way of life which once defined us all.


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