Q1. What is "RTHK On The Go"?“RTHK On The Go” is produced by New Media Unit of RTHK. It provides latest RTHK programme highlights, live radio broadcasts, instant news and podcast programmes. With a Wi-Fi connection or mobile data network, you can enjoy RTHK at anytime and anywhere!
Q2. How about the functions of "RTHK On The Go"?

"RTHK On The Go"'s functions include: delivering RTHK's programme recommendation, live radio programmes of 7 radio channels, access to instant news in text and photos. It also provides latest 15 episodes of RTHK podcast programmes.

Gentle Reminder:
The "Podcasts" session of "RTHK On The Go" aims at providing the latest limited episodes of RTHK podcasts for users. For those who want to enjoy all (or more) episodes of podcasts, or make use of the key features of podcasts (subscription, auto-update of latest content, etc), please use 3rd-party RSS reader software / apps (such as Feedly, Podcast Addict, Podcast from iOS App Store), or "Live Bookmark" feature of Mozilla Firefox. These tools can help you manage / backup your podcast subscriptions and play the downloaded episodes. You can also transfer the downloaded media files to other mobile devices for playback or backup purpose.

Q3. What are the system requirements for "RTHK On The Go"? Operating system: iOS 11.0 or later, Android 6.0 or above
Network: Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G required

*Please note the operation systems listed below are not official Android Systems, which may have compatibility issues with "RTHK On The Go" and the app's functionality cannot be guaranteed:
Huawei / Vivo / Xiaomi / MIUI / Meizu / OnePlus / Flyme / Aliyun / OMS / Blackberry BB10 / ZTE

Q4. Does "RTHK On The Go" charge anything?"RTHK On The Go" is a free application, and RTHK does not charge any fees for it. However, data transmission fees may be incurred for receiving/transmitting data through mobile phones, and such function maynot be applicable for your monthly plan. Please consult your mobile phone network on the actual fee arrangement before using the application.
Q5. Where can I download "RTHK On The Go"?You may download it at iTunes App Store or Google Play Store .
Q6. How to listen to RTHK's live radio streaming through "RTHK On The Go"? Your have to use Wi-Fi or mobile data network to listen to RTHK's live radio streaming. In case live radio streaming are unavailable at "RTHK On The Go", please check the connection of your Wi-Fi or mobile data network.
Q7. How to update instant news at "RTHK On The Go" manually? Put your finger on screen, slide downwards for a certain distance and release the finger. The content will then refresh.
Q8. How to watch / listen to RTHK's podcasts through "RTHK On The Go"?Choose "PodcastsPodcasts" on the main screen, then the application will show you our featured podcasts and all available podcasts. You could choose any podcast programmes you are interested in, and the application will display the programme's basic information and the latest 15 episodes. Then choose the episode you like. If you want to enjoy the programme immediately, choose "Play online". You may also choose "DownloadDownload" to have the content saved to "My Downloads". Go to "My Downloads" and play the programme in offline mode.
Q9. There are the icons "Play Online" and "Download" for those programmes in Podcasts. What is the difference?"Play Online": the content are played in online streaming mode. "DownloadDownload": the podcast programme content will be saved in "My Downloads". Here you can watch/listen to the podcast programme even if the devices are disconnected from Wi-Fi or mobile data networks.
Q10.How to delete downloaded podcast contents?You may delete individual or all podcast contents under the "My Downloads" page. Click the trash iconTrash on upper right hand corner and select the content to be deleted. Then confirm the delete by clicking the tick icon.
Q11. What is 'RTHK Everywhere'? All RTHK programmes' social network accounts can be found here.
Q12. How to change the language version of "RTHK On The Go"? Press the top left button and the application will show the language option. You can switch between English and Chinese version of "RTHK On The Go".
Q13. How to change the font size? Press the top left button, select「Setting」 and adjust size at "Settings".
Q14. The app keeps crashing. What can I do? You are suggested to uninstall the app, then download and install the app again.
Q15. What should I do if "RTHK On the Go" is unsmooth / goes offline frequently when I am listening to radio live or streaming podcast?

The condition of internet connection (mobile / wifi) affects the stability of online play-back. Please check the condition of internet access of your device. You can enquire the network issues with your mobile data or internet service provider.

For Android users with wifi connection, to avoid play-back of radio live stops by itself, you may also check “Settings” > “Wifi” > “Advance Settings > set ”Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep” to “Always”.

Also, performance / battery optimization app on your mobile may cause instability and malfunction of online play-back function of “RTHK On The Go”. In case there are such apps on your mobile, please add “RTHK On The Go” into the exception list of the app.

Q16. Can I share news or Podcast programmes with my friends in social networks?Yes, you can certainly share your favorite news, video and audio Podcast programmes in "RTHK On The Go" with your Facebook friends, Twitter followers, email recipients and more.
Q17. Whom can I contact if I have other ideas or queries about "RTHK On The Go"?For any problem or suggestion to "RTHK On The Go", please email to: webmaster@rthk.hk