As Bad As It Gets As Bad As It Gets

    As Bad As It Gets



    As Bad As It Gets explores obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) in a humorous and engaging way through the lives of a group of artists and professionals who secretly or openly struggle with the condition. Produced and presented by Sadie Kaye (Bipolar Express, Miss Adventure), her guests include showman Mat Ricardo, artist Charlotte Farhan, locksmith Billy Archer and Dr. Barry Connell.

    This is Sadie’s second documentary about mental health subjects for RTHK Radio 3. Her first, Bipolar Express, was Highly Commended in the Radio Creative Feature category by the Association for International Broadcasting in 2015. She’s currently producing and presenting a series of podcasts exploring innovative approaches to tackling mental health, the Mental Ideas Podcast. She’s founded two non-profit groups to help people affected by mental illness (directly and indirectly) in Hong Kong: Mental Ideas and Bipolar Hong Kong.

    Mental Ideas: https://mentalideas.org

    Bipolar Hong Kong: https://bipolarhk.com