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    DAB leader and legislator Starry Lee

    I am writing to you, my mother home town, to tell you how sad and worried I have been since the outbreak of the plague, COVID-19, which was in addition to the earlier unease and agony I was sharing, with all other Hong Kong citizens, about the tearing apart of our own citizens internally by reason of the HKSAR’s (intended) amendment to the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance in 2019.


    The deadly epidemic disease which first occured in December 2019, swept across Wuhan to start with, then adjacent cities, then whole of the country, including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, then other parts of the globe, in just about a month or two.  The cause of it is yet wanted, to be identified and perished, badly and urgently, which scientists of all countries and competent medical professionals and academics are fighting to find, days and nights, and from head to toes. Lives on earth are at stake.  Everyday report brings new tolls of death and patients infected, all over the world.  The economic climate has turned to snow cold, despite the coming of Spring.



    The tragic blow is far too hard and cruel for everyone and everywhere, including Hong Kong, to bear, to face or to resist.


    Being confronted by the catastrophe, we Hong Kong people have been humbly and diligently working closely together and individually on the care of ourselves, those beloved, and all other citizens, particularly those in more urgent need, such as the elderly and those in chronic disease. The searches for masks (the foremost and most basic protection) globally, by people from all walks of life, took place instantly (with not a second of hesitation) and took different forms, through internet purchase global wide and even cash on deliveries by flying to the place of supply. There is however so much room to be desired in the ways the HKSAR have been handling about the purchase or procurement of masks supply,  even leaving other issues aside for just awhile. The Legislative Councillors were pressing for the HKSAR’s disclosure of any concrete supply of masks as early as in the beginning of January, yet nothing was constructively responded to.  Disappointing reply on its failure in global purchase only came, frankly as it may be, recently when the city was roaring and in rage! Medical staff are extremely worrying about their own safety in the frontier and that of those unfortunately infected now being cared and treated in the hospitals, so are the citizens at large who were alarmed by the shortage of supply of masks firstly, then made furious by the jet up of the price (up to almost or even beyond 200% to date). The repeated requests from Legislative Councillors including myself for the HKSAR’s proper lawful control of the price of essential commodities, to include the protective masks and antiseptic materials, in the face of this plague, were regrettably ignored or declined. Hong Kong citizens are still crying loud for help on the supply of masks. The fear grows, my mother home town, and grows further, if no positive effective and constructive measure is taken forthwith, and without any more hesitation or delay!


    We are indeed very much concerned about the health of our medical professionals, those heroes comprising our daugters and sons, mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, over any or at all adequate and secure equipments, as the rate of occurence of this viruses infection and the fatality of its attraction are both extraordinarily high! The least we citizens and the HKSAR may and must do in HK is to ensure unrestricted supply of all necessary protective measures and equipments, to our medical fighters and heroes in the dreadful battle who are risking their own lives and the life of their beloved and family. I am calling for the serious and concrete committment of the hospital management in so ensuring and affording them enough resting time and place at the interval of their heavy duties. I am very much grateful for the generous donations and gifts of masks and materials to either the NGOs or political parties from so many people and companies, out of love, care and affection of our own people!


    The critical task that we are facing right now is how to ensure the safe return of those cruise passengers from Japan, over a hundred of them have just arrived. In the last urgent Legislative Council meeting on 19th February, I managed to raise the crucial concern over the adequacy of space for the purpose of secured quarantine, that of medical professionals, protective equipments and materials, and the hospitalisation and treatment to stand by in case any need for them may arise. The short answer to my concern was barely positive, yet it appears that we Hong Kong citizens do require a more concrete and much better prepared protocal and secured measure to be taken and implemented by the government, including and tracing/tracking quarantine devices and its enforcement, not to mention any possible adverse effect, if at all, that may be caused to the residents around or nearby. The joint efforts put up by the departments are obvious and well appreciated, yet the problem regarding those remaining cruise passengers the government is expected to do a lot more to help them!


    More worrying concern about those over 2,000 Hong Kong citizens stuck in Hubei or Wuhan is also in badly need of the government’s immediate constructive action and disposal, among them there are students who are required to sit in the forthcoming open examination, and among them there are elderly who are in need of medicine for chronic disease.


    My mother home town, your citizens, your daugters and sons, are all working extremely bitter and hard, including the medical professionals in the frontier and those backing up, they do need adequate protective equipments and more promising supply in continuity in support of their work, to ensure the safety of all, bearing in mind the painful experience we all still have afresh in front of our own eyes, of those medical professionals sacrificed on duty at the last SARS in 2003.  I do respectfully urge the high and responsible government and hospital officials to endeavour their every and very best so ensuring the secured protective equipments and clothings to our heroes, without them we shall be unable to fight this battle. 


    My mother home town, I believe we shall all unite together and are determined to fight our way out, in prevailing over the dreadful viruses in the soon coming future!

    23/02/2020 - 足本 Full (HKT 08:15 - 08:30)

    23/02/2020 - DAB leader and legislator Starry Lee


    12 - 02
    2019 - 2020






    Executive Councillor Ronny Tong


    Professor Ho Lok-sang, Senior Research Fellow, Pan Sutong Shanghai-Hong Kong Economic Policy Research Institute at Lingnan University.



    Chief Secretary Matthew Cheung


    DAB vice chairman and legislator Holden Chow.


    Legislator Charles Mok
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