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This Week in Finance: Greece is the way we are feeling...(26.1.2015)

It’s been the week of deflation—looming deflation in Europe, as well as continuously deflating oil prices.

The ECB is adamant that they played their role, now it's up to finance ministers and local European governments.

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This week in Finance: Will the ECB move to quantitative easing? (19.1.2015)

Perhaps the biggest news in finance emerged at the end of last week when the Swiss National Bank’s move to scrap its cap on the franc.

Jim O’Neill, former chairman of Goldman Sachs Asset Management said “this is probably the single largest ever intraday move of a liquid currency since floating exchange rates started.”
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This Week in Finance: Low expectations for Hong Kong CE Policy Address (12.1.2015)

Wednesday looks to be the most newsworthy day this week.

It's time for Chief Executive CY Leung's annual policy address. After more than two months of street protests during the Umbrella Movement last year, he is seeking to save his plan for the 2017 election of the city's top political leader.

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This week in Finance: Santa's profit margins (15.12.2014)

We reached out to our guest hosts as to their thoughts on a story addressing Santa's profit margins given the advent of e-commerce.   Here's what came back from Peter Lewis --

"Santa's profit margins are enormous."

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This week in Finance: A new record for Shanghai stocks (8.12.2014)

Are the brokerage firms the winners in the Shanghai rally? Alex Wong of Ample Capital thinks perhaps so. He also thinks that Hong Kong will come back this week. Click here for more on what to expect this financial week.

This week in Finance: The “velocity of money is dying” (1.12.2014)

In the U.S., Europe and Japan, the velocity of money has collapsed, leading to falling prices in some areas. Instead of money going into investment and production it is being used to pay down debt and supporting companies and industries that normally would fail. It's a bubble economy.  Click here for more on what this means...

This week in Finance: Oil Prices at Record Lows (24.11.2014)

Oil prices are now at record lows, a situation triggered in the last four months by an unprecedented increase in oil production in the US. This has been exacerbated by weaker demand growth across the world, especially in Asia and Europe. Prices have fallen by more than 30 percent.

Perhaps the biggest question for this coming week then is what OPEC will do about oil prices when it meets in Vienna this week ? Click here to read more.

This week in Finance: Is world economic growth back on track? (17.11.2014)

We kickoff this week with an update on the G20 summit in Brisbane. Our international reporter, Barry Wood is in Brisbane and will give us a complete update from the ground. Click here for this week's editorial note.

This week in Finance: Meeting of the Minds (10.11.2014)

Two different Meetings of the Minds are set to take place in the region this week.
APEC is already in full swing in Beijing and the G20 summit takes place in Brisbane later in the week.  Other than that, here's what we'll be keeping an eye on this week. Click here for this week's editorial note.

This week in Finance: The October Phenomenon (3.11.2014)
Volatility was the name of the game in October yet Wall street ended the month with record highs.
After a strong enough start, stocks plummeted to their worst slump in two years but then the U.S. markets rebounded and closed at all-time highs on the last day of the month.
Was it just an October phenomenon? And what should we be watching for when markets open  this first week of November? Click here for this week's editorial note.

This week in Finance: My two cents' worth (27.10.2014)
Wall street just had its best week in almost two years so what should we be looking out for in the markets this week? Click here for this week's editorial note.

This week in Finance: So what's the bottom line (20.10.2014)
As we kick off this week, the biggest question on people's minds is - what drove the stock market's wild swings last week, and what's next on the cards? Here's a look at what to look out for in finance news this week....(More).

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