主持人:Saadia Usmani

Broadcaster and foodie, Saadia Usmani is all set to take to the airwaves with her new weekly cooking show called On The Menu on Saturday 4 July 2020 between 8.30 and 9am on RTHK Radio 3.

Each week you can join Saadia as she introduces you to some of her favourite world recipes, made simple and easy for you to try at home. Every other week she will showcase the diverse communities in Hong Kong by joining local cooks in their kitchen to share their recipes and food related memories, including great recipes from Africa, Egypt, Italy and the UK!

On The Menu aims to get people from all walks of life cooking with confidence with easy to follow steps, tips and techniques, using accessible local ingredients.

With South Asian roots, Saadia was brought up in the UK and spent a lot of her time in the kitchen with her mum, an entrepreneur and an amazing cook who ran her own ‘take-away’ in the 1970’s in Tooting, South West London. Food played a major role in her family, inspiring her interests in cooking. Saadia has lived and travelled to many countries, experiencing a diversity of cuisines, picking up a range culinary skills along the way.



Mexican - ChillGuacamole

Join Saadia Usmani reaches the end of her current culinary adventures with On The Menu this week…and for the final show in the series there’s a Mexican flavour to the show. Saadia will be sharing her own recipes for her spicy mouth-watering Chilli con carne and her scrumptious Guacamole that will get your taste buds dancing to the Mexican hat dance….

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