Operation Santa Claus 2021



    Operation Santa Claus (OSC) was jointly established by the South China Morning Post and Radio Television Hong Kong(RTHK) to connect the local community with worthwhile charities. Since 1988, OSC has brought joy, goodwill and over HK$333 million to 320 charities.
    Every Christmas, OSC celebrates hope and generosity to remind everyone it is the season to care, share and give to the disadvantaged. We are grateful for the generosity of our donors over the past 33 years and we always look forward to making Christmas more special for the needy.
    This year is no exception. OSC is raising funds for 18 selected local charities to support projects ranging from providing children, youth and elderly services to helping those with physical and mental disabilities.
    Every little helps. Please donate to Operation Santa Claus to spread the Christmas Spirit.



    Operation Santa Claus raises HK$ 19.5m for 18 beneficiaries

    Operation Santa Claus exceeded last year’s fundraising campaign and garnered more than HK$19.5 million in donations, bolstered by performing arts workshops promoting the spirit of giving.

    Jointly organised by Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) and the South China Morning Post (SCMP), the funds raised by this year’s OSC campaign will be shared amongst 18 beneficiaries across the city that serve more than 13,000 people and support disadvantaged communities, including children, youths, the elderly, and the disabled. This year’s ‘Performing Arts’ theme included workshops for the public led by musicians, dance troupes and arts collectives across the city.

    Operation Santa Claus 2021 Launches “Performing Arts” Theme

    The annual “Operation Santa Claus” (OSC) campaign, jointly organised by Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) and South China Morning Post (SCMP), kicked off today (November 3) at Broadcast Drive announcing 18 beneficiaries for this year's fundraising drive, and a performing arts initiative aimed at engaging and revitalising disadvantaged communities in Hong Kong.

    The Financial Secretary Paul CHAN Mo-po, Director of Broadcasting Patrick LI Pak-chuen, the South China Morning Post’s CEO Gary LIU and the composer of the OSC theme song Harry NG graced the ceremony. They were joined by OSC 2021 ambassadors, award-winning actress Crisel CONSUNJI, singer and actress Kandy WONG and artiste Pakho CHAU, who will be supporting the fundraising campaign for his third consecutive year. Other guests included representatives from beneficiaries and donors.



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    [Elderly] Hong Kong Women Workers' Association

    A group of activists and women workers established Hong Kong Women Workers’ Association (HKWWA) in 1989. Subsequent to a campaign to defend maternity leave provision, those involved in the campaign realized there was an urgent need to establish a formal organization to cater to the needs and interests of women workers. 


    HKWWA sees that we have unique and important roles to play: to work with women workers in addressing their issues and concerns, to apply gender perspectives in the organizing work, and to highlight opportunities for women to participate in policy planning and to advocate for policy change.

    Developing mutual support network for elderly labour as cleaning workers and or waste-pickers in community aims to develop a mutual support network for elderly cleaning workers, waste-pickers, and people living in the community. We will do this by providing services to address the specific needs and problems faced by elderly labour as cleaning workers and as waste-pickers, and creating initial community dialogue among workers and with people in the community.

    Expected no. of beneficiaries: 150

    -  100 waste-pickers
    -   50 unemployed


    20/12/2021 - 足本 Full

    20/12/2021 - [Elderly] Hong Kong Women Workers' Association


    11 - 12


     [Elderly] Hong Kong Women Workers' Association


    [Community] Les Beatitudes Foundation


    [Physical & Mental Disabilities / Hong Kong Golf Club] Home of Loving Faithfulness


     [Community / UBS Leadership Winner] Impact HK


    [Medical] Children's Heart Foundation


    SLCO Community Resources


     [Community / Morgan Stanley] The Zubin Foundation


    [Environmental] J Life Foundation Limited


    [Children & Youth] The Hub Children & Youth Centre Limited


    [Community] Mighty Oaks Foundation
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