Something for the Weekend



Something for the Weekend with Tim Littlechild.

'Great music, regular guests, a look at the papers, sports updates, a Super Fan and Hong Kong Hero, the Top Ten Past Ten and PLENTY more.
Fancy taking part in our Super Fan quiz?

Email: tim@rthk.hk
(Sat, 9am-1pm, Sun, 9.30am-1pm) 

Pair of Beauties

Pick two top tracks that you'd like to hear back to back on the show.

Saturday Expert'
Every Saturday we explore a different field of expertise.

Good news over sad music

Got something big, new or exciting happening? We want to hear about it.

Dad Track

Dads, it's your chance to take control of the music.

Hong Kong Hero

Done something commendable or just plain interesting of late?

Soundtrack for the Weekend.

We dip into a different Movie's musical accompaniment.

What's On

Involved with a cool event in HK? Drop Chantel a line chantel@rthk.hk

Terrorise Tim

The quest to Terrorise Tim continues and will never end!

Sack of Sport

Doug Chalmers delves into his MASSIVE Sack of Sport.

Cruz's Audio Column

Cruz's Musings are guaranteed to keep you
Enthralled and Entertained.

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