State of the Art



'State of the Art' is a new weekend program focusing on in depth conversations with authors and artists about the elements that influence their work. 
Books and art are favorite pastimes for many Hong Kong-ers especially to relax with on the weekend. Or to offer an escape to a new world, away from the humdrum of daily life. When it comes to books, there is so much out there in English, Chinese translations and from the rest of Asia. All too often, a reader's interest is piqued by the story behind the book yet there are very few opportunities to get to know an author. When it comes to art, the newspapers will talk about a new exhibition or show in town but rarely do we get to know the artists or discover how their lyrical journey culminates on the canvas, on film or on stage.
The show is produced and presented by literary, visual and performing arts afficionado, Reenita Malhotra Hora. Each week she features a different author or artist. Through conversation and music, Reenita delves into what it really is that gets his or her creative juices flowing. Sometimes the musical pieces are inspirations in and of themselves and at other times, they are simply favorites that help us to better get to know the creative genius.
Join Reenita each Sunday morning at 8.30 am on her twelve week journey into the portrait of an artist.

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