The Very Early Show



your input is our output on the very early show.
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monday - aly hau drops in to launch her record of the week
tuesday - the top tweet  countdown sees us reflect on the more humerous tweets of the week 
wednesday - mike rowse joins in for a mid week moan
thursday - we catch up with our friends in australia
friday - each week a different expert gives us an insight into their exclusive world of expertise

the 5.55 club!
contribute and instantly become a member of our exclusive radio club.

eighties moment!
a guilty pleasure from the eighties guarenteed to put a smile on your face!

the headline act game!
a song picked by you that best reflects a more surreal headline from the days news.

shower ballad!
a big song to belt out while taking your morning shower. or not.

disco track.
spinning a disco track guaranteed to blow your socks off!

one track mind!
scratching your musical itch by playing the song you've woken up singing.

join tim and join in weekdays 5.00am - 6.00am on radio 3 & 4! then 6.00am - 6.30am on radio 3!

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