Fresh Airs - Fine Music on Broadcast Drive 我們在乎你音樂會



    Fresh Airs – Fine Music on Broadcast Drive

    In the current health situation, public concerts have been seriously affected. Here at RTHK, we have lined up a team of local talents to bring you a concert entitled ‘Fresh Airs’. Although it is not a good idea to have a crowd at Broadcasting House, we do hope the delightful and life-affirming music will help to enchant listeners and viewers through radio, TV and the internet alike, enriching our lives behind doors and facemasks.

    One Venue, Three Locations
    Six acts from solo to trio performances filmed at Broadcast House at three different locations:
    v  Car Park
    o   RTHK Chamber Soloists (string trio)
    o   Windpipe Chinese Music Ensemble (Chinese string ensemble)

    v  Studio Two
    o   Dan Yu (harp)
    o   Nancy Loo (piano)

    v  Roof Top
    o   Ronald Chin and Friends (Chinese drumming)
    o   Eugene Pao and Friends (jazz trio)

    The three string players from RTHK’s own chamber group let Mozart ring in the open air. The youthful Windpipe Chinese Music Ensemble presents some lovely Chinese melodies to make Broadcast Drive musical. USA International Harp Competition winner Dan Yu enraptures you with one of the most beautiful instruments on earth. Veteran pianist and broadcaster Nancy Loo speaks her mind through the keyboard. Ronald Chin teams up with two other drummers to put the power of music literally on high. Eugene Pao, the name who is synonym with HK’s jazz scene, joins friends for a time of ‘top’ grooves.

    Thanks to our musicians for accepting our invitation right away to play here on this particular occasion. In addition to performing, they also speak to Radio 4’s Livia Lin on the works they have specifically picked, and deliver a word of encouragement and blessing to audiences.


    Radio 4: Sun, 3 May at 9pm / Thursday, 7 May at 4pm (Repeat) in Four for Classics

    RTHK TV31: Saturday, 9 May at 7:30pm

    The programme will also be available on RTHK’s website: rthk.hk



    v  停車場
    o   香港電台室樂獨奏家 (弦樂三重奏)
    o   竹韻小集 (中樂合奏)

    v  二號錄播室
    o   于丹 (豎琴)
    o   羅乃新 (鋼琴)

    v  天台
    o   錢國偉及友人 (中樂敲擊)
    o   包以正及友人 (爵士三重奏)




    香港電台第四台: 5月3日 (星期日) 晚上9時 / 5月7日(星期四)下午4時

    港台電視31: 5月9日 (星期六) 晚上7時30分

    歡迎網上欣賞及重溫: rthk.hk




    03/05/2020 - 足本 Full

    Part 1

    Part 2


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