監製:Sheila Cheung

“Where there is railway, there is civilization.” Railway can bring about resources, manpower and culture. It can bring about prosperity.
The ten episodes of travel and culture documentary take the audience to China Railway Museum to look at all sorts of trains, from the oldest ones to the newest high speed rail. Our young presenters, Rannes Man, Tiffany Lee, Kay Ho, Leanne Ho and Anjaylia Chan shall introduce more railway lines to you, including the northernmost railway, Nenlin Railway, the southernmost railway, Yuehai Railway, the high speed railway and trains in Taiwan, the railway with a 8.5cm difference in track widths, Ji'er Railway, the world's highest railway, Qingzang Railway and the Xinjiang Railway. With the railway network as our framework, we shall unfold the diversities of different places and the secrets of their intangible cultural heritage items so as to understand more about our culture and history.
Narrator: John Culkin
Co-produced by: Committee on the Promotion of Civic Education

The programme is aired on TVB Pearl every Tuesday at HKT 1855 -1925.

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