監製:Li Yiu Ming, Lee Tze Leung

The programme will be broadcast every Thursday night from 9 June 2011 at 1855 -1925 on TVB Pearl Channel.

    “The History of Hong Kong” was broadcasted in December 2008 and became an immediate hit among the audience. Following the path and model established by the first series for further development, it is hoped that the “The History of Hong Kong II” will supplement the first series to illustrate Hong Kong’s history in a comprehensive manner.

    Major historical events will continue to be the focus in the new series. The historical landmarks past and present will be depicted with the aid of computer technology to re-form all those segments in history. Accordingly, the audience may obtain a better understanding in the city’s history and develop feelings towards historical events, as well as having a stronger sense of identification towards both Hong Kong and mainland China.