• 皇家阿姆斯特丹音樂廳樂團音樂會



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      播出時間: (首播) 2020年10月10日 星期六  晚上11時
      (重溫) 2020年10月11日 星期日  下午1時
      (網上重溫) 至 2020年10月24日 星期六

      The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra starts its new season with a festive inauguration dedicated to Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, illustrating the diversity and richness of his oeuvre. Dutch Violinist Simone Lamsma performs Tchaikovsky’s popular Violin Concerto, a technically extremely challenging piece. Hong Kong-born Elim Chan – one of the most exciting conductors of the younger generation – is on the rostrum. Also on the programme is the Fantasy Overture Romeo and Juliet as well as an orchestral Suite from the ballet Swan Lake that takes listeners deeper into Tchaikovsky’s romantic fairy-tale world. PROGRAM Tchaikovsky: Violin Concerto; Fantasy Overture “Romeo et Juliette”; Suite from Swan Lake

      Channel: RTHK 31
      Time: (First Run) 2020.10.10 SAT 11:00pm
      (Re-run) 2020.10.11 SUN 1:00pm
      (Online Catch-up) Till 2020.10.24 SAT

    • 東西合集樂團 20周年音樂會

      為慶祝成立20周年,東西合集樂團在柏林愛樂廳舉行了一場音樂會。世界著名小提琴家安蘇菲.慕達及大提琴家馬友友,在鋼琴家兼指揮家巴倫邦的帶領下,與樂團年輕的音樂家攜手演奏貝多芬的三重協奏曲。馬友友曾於20年前為東西合集樂團的首場音樂會演奏,而安蘇菲.慕達則是首次和樂團合作,這次音樂會,兩人都被命名為樂團的榮譽成員。 音樂會的第二部份帶來布魯克納的第九交響曲,作曲家把這超然的音樂獻給「親愛的上帝」。布魯克納於創作過程中去世,並未能完成交響曲,彷彿和這音樂於虛無中滅亡類同。東西合集樂團的樂手準備充足,技巧及音色都完美無瑕,是一個夢幻般的時刻。

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      播出時間: (首播) 2020年10月3日 星期六  晚上11時
      (重溫) 2020年10月4日 星期日  下午1時
      (網上重溫) 至 2020年10月17日 星期六

      The West-Eastern Divan Orchestra celebrates its 20th anniversary by giving a concert at the Berlin Philharmonie with world-renowned artists: Anne-Sophie Mutter and Yo-Yo Ma perform Beethoven’s Triple Concerto together with Maestro Barenboim and the young musicians. Yo-Yo Ma, who played with the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra at their first concert 20 years ago, and Anne-Sophie Mutter, who made her debut with the orchestra only this year, were named as honorary members of the orchestra on the occasion of this event. “It is fascinating to experience how brilliant, concentrated and at the same time relaxed these three world stars make music together and listen to each other. A masterpiece of harmony“ (RBB24). The second part of the concert features Bruckner's 9th Symphony, transcendental music which the composer himself dedicated to “the dear God“. The symphony is unfinished not only because Bruckner died during the process of composition, but especially because it seems to perish in nothingness. The musicians of the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra are excellently prepared and play technically and tonal flawlessly. A magic moment. PROGREAM Beethoven: Triple Concerto: Bruckner: Symphony No. 9

      Channel: RTHK 31
      Time: (First Run) 2020.10.3 SAT 11:00pm
      (Re-run) 2020.10.4 SUN 1:00pm
      (Online Catch-up) Till 2020.10.17 SAT

    • 塵埃落定 (英文版) Red Poppies

      塵埃落定 (英文版) Red Poppies

      The Hong Kong Dance Company collaborated with the team from Sichuan to re-create the Mao Dun Literature Prize-winning novel “Red Poppies” into a grand dance drama. Using Tibetan folk dance, which is full of plateau vibes, as the main form, together with the inspiring folk music and singing, as well as the glamorous and colourful tribal costumes, “Red Poppies” tells a family feud on the snowy plateau. It is a testament to the changes of time, and a meditation on karma, on good and evil.

      The Maichi (a hereditary chieftain recognised as an imperial official by Chinese dynasties), who acts his tyrant in a locality of Tibet, makes his riches and power from growing poppies and selling opium. As the Maichi is getting old, he has to choose between his two sons to be his successor: the elder is hungry for power; the younger just wants a simple life – everyone even calls him “bird brain”. Tempted by power and desire, the family is on the verge of a struggle full of jealousy and hatred. When the old order is taken down in flames and the Maichi’s fortress is destroyed, all the dust is settled.

      Based on the novel by:
      Alai (Author / Tibetan Culture Researcher)

      LIU Lingli, GUAN Daxin

      LIU Lingli (National First Class Director)

      This programme was awarded as Nominee in the category PERFORMING ARTS in the VENICE TV AWARD 2020.

    • 会社人間




      導演 王俊豪
      藝術總監/編舞 Mohamed Drissi
      編劇/作曲/作詞 鄭君熾
      演員 王耀祖、馬沛詩、馮夏賢、馮家俊、邱萬城、梁景堯、胡偉宝、麥紫筠、黃安妮、劉亭君、彭思硯

    • 仲夏夜之夢


      莎士比亞的作品啟發了無數編舞家從中尋找戲劇性的素材,首先是熱心捍衛「劇情芭蕾舞」的諾弗雷和最早使用孟德爾遜舞台音樂的佩蒂巴。同樣喜歡這音樂的白蘭治也不例外,1962年,他為紐約城市芭蕾舞團創作了莎士比亞的喜劇版本。忠於這位詩人的詞彙,同時又增添了些微啞劇,他用兩幕和六個情景描繪了一個複雜的愛情故事。雅典公爵修斯和亞馬遜河皇后希波呂塔陷入了精靈之王和仙女女王之間的一場家庭爭執,這導致頑皮的帕克、他的魔法藥水以及一群業餘演員的介入。結局以盛大的表演形式來呈現。 仲夏夜之夢是白蘭治罕見的敘事芭蕾舞劇之一,現已成為巴黎歌劇院芭蕾舞團的劇目。這場製作的佈景和服飾是由舞台上的另一位魔術師Christian Lacroix所設計。

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      播出時間: (首播) 2020年9月19日 星期六  晚上11時
      (重溫) 2020年9月20日 星期日 下午1時
      (網上重溫) 至 2021年9月19日 星期日

      Numerous choreographers have delved into Shakespeare to find dramatic material for their ballets, beginning with Jean-Georges Noverre, an ardent defender of the “action ballet” and Marius Petipa, who was the first to use Mendelssohn’s stage music. George Balanchine, who also loved the score, would prove no exception.

      In 1962 he created his version of Shakespeare’s comedy for New York City Ballet. Faithful to the Bard’s vocabulary whilst adding a subtle touch of pantomime, he portrays a complex love story in two acts and six scenes. Theseus, Duke of Athens, and Hippolyta, queen of the Amazons, become caught up in a domestic quarrel between the king of the elves and the queen of the fairies which results in the intervention of the mischievous Puck and his magic potion along with a troupe of amateur actors. The denouement is celebrated in the form of a grand virtuoso entertainment. One of George Balanchine’s rare narrative ballets, A Midsummer Night’s Dream is entering the Paris Opera Ballet’s repertoire. The sets and costumes for this production have been designed by another magician of the stage, Christian Lacroix.

      Channel: RTHK 31
      Time: (First Run) 2020.9.19 SAT 11:00pm
      (Re-run) 2020.9.20 SUN 1:00pm
      (Online Catch-up) Till 2021.9.19 SUN

    • 一千零一夜



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      播出時間: (首播) 2020年9月12日 星期六  晚上11時
      (重溫) 2020年9月13日 星期日 下午1時
      (網上重溫) 至 2021年9月12日 星期日

      The basis of libretto is a masterpiece of medieval Arabian literature, a collection of fairy tales and parables told by Scheherazade. Our childhood favorites Sinbad, Aladdin, Jinn and Princess Badroulbadour… On stage you see a colorful choreographic extravaganza, a harmony of vivid music and classical choreography, and a spicy charm of the East in the staging with the music composed by Fikret Amirov, a People's Artist of the USSR.

      Channel: RTHK 31
      Time: (First Run) 2020.9.12 SAT 11:00pm
      (Re-run) 2020.9.13 SUN 1:00pm
      (Online Catch-up) Till 2021.9.12 SUN

    • 天鵝湖



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      播出時間: (首播) 2020年9月5日 星期六  晚上11時
      (重溫) 2020年9月6日 星期日 下午1時
      (網上重溫) 至 2020年10月5日 星期一 

      In Swan Lake, Tchaikovsky took up the legend of the immaculate bird to create some of the most beautiful music ever written for ballet. The choreographers Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov left their distinguished mark on this story of an impossible love between an earthly prince and a bird princess, refashioning the myth of the swan dancer, the ultimate ballerina.

      When creating his version for the Paris Opera Ballet in 1984, Rudolf Nureyev chose to give it a Freudian dimension, illuminating Tchaikovsky’s poetic dream through a sense of profound hopelessness.

      Channel: RTHK 31
      Time: (First Run) 2020.9.5 SAT 11:00pm
      (Re-run) 2020.9.6 SUN 1:00pm
      (Online Catch-up) Till 2020.10.5 Mon

    • 粵劇 白蛇傳-青萍劍

      粵劇 白蛇傳-青萍劍






    • 音樂特務零零七




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      播出時間: (首播) 2020年8月22日 星期六  晚上11時
      (重溫) 2020年8月23日 星期日 下午1時
      (網上重溫) 至 2021年8月22日 星期日 

      This exclusive live concert production by the Danish National Symphony Orchestra conducted by Hans Ek, with music from spy and detective movies such as The Ipcress File, Bridge of Spies, Kingsman, The Pink Panther, Dick Tracy, Sherlock (BBC), Mission Impossible, Homeland and the very best of James Bond soundtracks: Dr. No, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, From Russia with Love, Diamonds Are Forever, You Only Live Twice, Thunderball, Goldfinger, Golden Eye, Skyfall.

      Channel: RTHK 31
      Time: (First Run) 2020.8.8 SAT 11:00pm
      (Re-run) 2020.8.9 SUN 1:00pm
      (Online Catch-up) Till 2021.8.22 Sun

    • 來自摩納哥的貝多芬音樂獻呈





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      播出時間: (首播) 2020年8月15日 星期六  晚上11時
      (重溫) 2020年8月16日 星期日 下午1時
      (網上重溫) 至 2021年8月15日 星期日

      The Orchestre Philharmonique de Monte-Carlo has been invited to perform at the inner courtyard of the Prince's Palace in Monaco. It is a magical place, where a wonderful atmosphere meets remarkable acoustics, making it a dream come true for all music lovers. The OPMC perform under the baton of their renowned chief conductor Kazuki Yamada. Nelson Freire appears as the soloist for Beethoven's Piano Concerto No. 4 – a piece which made him famous as a wunderkind at the age of 12. The Brazilian pianist has long been seen as a connoisseur's pianist, but he is now thought of as one of today's universally recognized great musicians, bringing a degree of tranquil thoughtfulness to his interpretations that puts him in a class of his own.

      "In the age when overt showmanship reaps big rewards and grabs lots of attention, the Brazilian pianist Nelson Freire offers a gentle reminder that decorous piano playing and interpretive depth have an irresistible power all their own." - The New York Times (London)

      Channel: RTHK 31
      Time: (First Run) 2020.8.15 SAT 11:00pm
      (Re-run) 2020.8.16 SUN 1:00pm
      (Online Catch-up) Till 2021.8.15 SUN