監製:Brian Fung


    Words abound in nearly every part of life like air. Their existence may seem so natural that we often overlook designers’ ingenuity hidden in every single typeface.

    Ever since studying in a design institute, Adoninan CHAN has always been contemplating and investigating what it means by Hong Kong’s unique visual culture, as well as the elements that contribute to the city’s unparalleled urban landscape. He regards the typefaces adopted in signboards on the street an outstanding feature of the city. In particular, writing signboards in the Bei Wei style is almost exclusively found here in Hong Kong. With Bei Wei style gradually replaced by other styles in signboards in recent years, Adonian wishes to add a modern twist to Bei Wei style through typeface design, hence preservation of this typeface that is quintessentially Hong Kong.

    Julius HUI is a professional typeface designer. In addition to design, he is also passionate about looking into the development and history of typefaces. When reading ancient Chinese texts, he discerned that the design of typefaces actually is crucial in helping readers read comfortably and remain focused. This has inspired him to design a Chinese typeface that is more vibrant and energetic, hoping to render reading more appealing and hassle-free.

    During over three decades of working in Chinese typeface design, Sammy OR’s works include classic designs such as MTRSong in MTR stations and Li Song in newspapers. For the past eight years, Sammy has been entirely devoted to a new Gothic typeface that he hopes will be a breakthrough in terms of artistry and clarity.