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    If “ Hong Kong Connection ” were a tree, how old would it be? It was on 5 March, 1978 that the documentary series first went on the air in Chinese. As the series continues, its staff are determined to go on uncovering and delving into every local and international topic that concerns the people in Hong Kong, whether it be political, economic, educational, commercial, environmental or technological. A tree plays an important environmental role in refreshing the air that we breathe and holding from the earth on which we stand. It is Hong Kong Connection's mission to provide the public with information and analyses as well as an opportunity for rational discussion. The programme is aired every Thursday evening on TVB Pearl at 19:00-19:30 (3 Oct. 2013 - 27 March 2014)

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    Quite a number of teenagers get involved in the campaign of anti-extradition law. Why are they so devoted and what they have experienced in the past month?


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    RTHK 31
    • This Early Summer

      This Early Summer

      Quite a number of teenagers get involved in the campaign of anti-extradition law. Why are they so devoted and what they have experienced in the past month?

    • Let the Voice be Heard

      Let the Voice be Heard

      Over a million people took to the street on 9th June, 2019, expressed their worries to the amendment bill of the extradition law. How the HKSAR government responds to the voices of the people? Massive protest signifies the end, or the beginning of the movement?

    • 721 Yuen Long Nightmare

      721 Yuen Long Nightmare

      The police have been accused of mishandling Yuen Long's attack on 21 July. Stephen Lo, the Commissioner of Police, explained that the "delay" was due to insufficient manpower as the force was busy dealing with a protest in Hong Kong Island, as well as three cases of fight and one case of fire in the Yuen Long district.
      Hong Kong Connection's reporters have collected the CCTV footage dated 21 July from different cameras and interviewed relevant persons to reconstruct the attack's timeline and take a closer look at the police's arrangement during Yuen Long's "nightmare".

    • Escape


      Causeway Bay Bookstore former owner Lam Wing-kee worried that if the amendment bill on extradition law passed, the safety of Hong Kong citizens could not longer be guaranteed. At last, he chose to leave Hong Kong and stayed in Taiwan.
      In 2015, Lam was detained by mainland authority for eight months. Then he was allowed to come back to Hong Kong for a short time, but he did not return as planned.
      Hong Kong Connection follows Lam's last days in Hong Kong and his first chapter in Taiwan.

    • Iron Curtain

      Iron Curtain

      Communist bloc faced a great change in 1989, but not perished.
      North Korea is one of the communist regime still existed with huge gestures in recent years.
      Hong Kong Connection's reporters observed this self-claimed "happiest kingdom" in close proximity.

    • June Fourth

      June Fourth

      1989 is a key turning point in world history. The Berlin Wall fell this year, triggered the domino effect on the fall of communist regimes in Eastern Europe. Poland was the first country to reject its ruling communist party through ballots on June 4th, 1989. On the same day, the People's Liberation Army cleared the student movement at the Tiananmen Square in Beijing, China. Since then, the two countries went seperate paths for 30 years.

    • Patrick Ho's List

      Patrick Ho's List

      From a famous ophthalmologist to a capable politician, Patrick Ho was once a rising star. After leaving the SAR government as Secretary for Home Affairs, he turned himself into a civil diplomat, but was arrested in New York in late 2017 and charged with corruption and money laundering. Hong Kong Connection looks into the evidences of the trial and reconstructs the network built by Ho that covers Africa, middle America, Middle East and Eastern Europe, through a former president of the United Nations General Assembly.

    • The Last Mile of Life

      The Last Mile of Life

      Nearly a quarter of Hong Kong people say they want to die at home, a survey shows. People believe that family can offer the best care for patients. But could they also offer a good care for the people with terminal illness?
      In this episode, we are featuring 2 families on how to prepare for their family member to die at home – a practice not yet popular in Hong Kong as about 90 per cent of deaths still take place in public hospitals.

    • Jailed on Foreign Soil

      Jailed on Foreign Soil

      While the president of the Philippines fights against drug dealers, four Hongkongers locked up in a Philippine prison on drug charges. The jailed men, aged 30 to 51, were arrested in Subic Bay in the Philippines in July 2016 after a raid on a “floating crystal meth laboratory”. They have denied all charges but the Philippine court ruled that four people were guilty of possession of drugs, sentenced to life imprisonment and fines. The families of the four men say they are innocent and have vowed to fight for justice. Lo Shu Ho is the sister of one of the Hong Kong residents, Lo Wing Fai. What is her story in facing all these sudden change?
      The Philippine drug problem is rampant and corruption is also serious. In 2000, Tang Lung Wai went to the Phillippines and was accused of drug trafficking. He later sentenced to life imprisonment. Meanwhile, he wrote his own experience of grievances in prison and caused social concern. Tang Lung-wai’s brother Billy thought that the incident had harmed the whole family. He didn't trust his own brother in the past and their father has even committed suicide. Will there be new hopes in the final appeal?

    • Heaven & Earth

      Heaven & Earth

      Hong Kong government suggests the owners of industrial buildings to convert their properties into temporary, social housing to help those living in cramped, squalid conditions, in order to make better use of industrial space. Hong Kong Connection visited two families living in the rooftop apartments and subdivided flats in factory buildings facing, telling their heartbreaking stories for eviction.

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