監製:Lee Tze Leung


Late at night while most office workers and employees are lying comfortably in bed, sleeping and recuperating, so as to prepare for the coming day; a group of midnight workers are setting off their journeys in the dim light of night, and rendering services to the community.

Hong Kong is a cosmopolitan city that runs around the clock, and under the glittering light of this sleepless city, there are nightwalkers and those who work all night long for living, such as employees at container terminals and airports, taxi drivers, disciplined services staff, convenient store staff, waiters of 24-hour restaurants, and warehouse-keepers, security guards, cleaning workers and road maintenance workers working night shifts. We can see some of these jobs around us; yet, some of them are distant from us and unseen by many. However, when the sky is lighted up by the sunlight, these workers also walk off. Some of what they have achieved through their endeavours over the night dissipates with the shades of night, but some remain for us to enjoy in this bustling city during the day.

After all, this nocturnal lifestyle runs counter to the ordinary work-and-rest lifestyle, and the hardship from it is thus conceivable. For example, when everyone is gluing themselves in their warm beds in cold rainy nights, you have to work in cold weather with full attention, and this must be an upsetting experience; or your family and spouse work at day with routine completely different from yours, which leads to absence of mutual care, communication and solicitude, and this has to bring torment and loneliness.

For the group of workers specialises in midnight works, do they work under duress, or do they find amusement in such works? Are they the ones who are forgotten by the sun, or are they dream chasers who pursue their dreams along with the night? Are works toilsome every night or do pleasant surprises pop up once in a while? The nine episodes of “Midnight workers” will walk into the shades of night with you and explore the sorrows and joys of midnight workers.