監製:Lee Tze Leung


    When night falls and shops inside the mall close while visitors leave one by one, a group of people are preparing to rush into the mall to start their race against time, in the hope of putting a new look on the mall before it re-opens at dawn.


    Cynthia, who calls herself in a self-mocking way a “born workaholic”, worked in the public relations industry before she switched to mall decoration projects. For this new career, she started from scratch with much enthusiasm. She gives most of her time to work. Although she works more than ten hours every day around the clock, it helps her find her purpose. Moreover, with the moral support of her family, she is free to pursue her dream.


    Chris, who also works in mall decoration projects, is fond of night-time tranquil even though he is required to work at night. It helps him put aside the hectic lifestyle during the day and organise his thoughts, so that he can plan his future.


    In fact, working throughout the night might not be cumbersome; it may as well be a lifestyle by choice.


    These two “cosmeticians of the mall”, who devote themselves wholeheartedly to their interests and ideals, work for the beauty of their dreams as well as of the mall.


    Producer: Pang Chi-man