Looking up at the sky, scientists are always curious about everything happening in our universe, and they strive to explore various scientific fields without cease. Through countless observations, assumptions and verifications, scientists have tried very hard to find out and summarise the natural phenomena, thereby understanding the rules therein, but at the same time, encounter more and more irregularities and uncertainties.

    In all these years, Hong Kong has nurtured numerous talents in the international arena of scientific research, who carry out innovative research projects in various fields of science in an endeavour to improve people’s lives. These scientists, including LEE Hun-wei (Environmental Hydraulics), LAM Hon-ming (Life Sciences), LO Yuk-ming (Molecular Genetics), Nancy IP (Neuroscience), KWOK Sun (Astronomy) and CHE Chi-ming (Inorganic Chemistry), spare no effort in making contributions to science. Despite countless failures, they still persist in the scientific researches which they have chosen. In the end, they make breakthroughs in their researches and benefit different people.

    In the six one-hour episodes of documentaries, we will explore the science world and get to know about the scientists’ spirit of constant pursuit and being brave to explore on the path of seeking knowledge. With this, we hope to arouse public concern and awareness for the importance of scientific research.

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