監製:Anita Tong, Jerry Tai


    Yorko Summer from Taiwan is a man of the sea adrift in the blue ocean. He is active on the social networks and also underwater. The pictures he posts on his blog are very popular and has turned him into an Internet celebrity.

    Between 2002 and 2007 he worked as a guide in Palau. In 2005 won first prize in the underwater photography festival in Palau. This helped to launch his career as an underwater photographer. He uses his lens to capture both images of marine life and portraits of human beings. His work has been frequently published on the Internet and in magazines.

    Yorko has returned to Palau to find new subjects for his lens. Every time he goes underwater to see the different marine life and to capture their most interesting moments has brought him a lot of satisfaction and joy.

    It's a life of sun and sand, a life that brings him accolades, a life that many are envious of. However Yorko is wracked with guilty over this itinerant life because he is unable to spend much time with his family, especially his beloved grandmother. But he still has to make a choice between his family and his dream.