Everyone must have a fair chance to give full play to their potential



    Work is a lifelong commitment, not only can it bring economic returns, but more importantly, a person can also gain himself social recognition and affirmation through his working ability. Although persons with physical disabilities have physical constraints, they too, have wisdom and strength. Like everyone else, they can achieve self-actualisation, contribute to the society, and pursue a fulfilling life.

    Without a voice, one can sing with one’s thoughts, without limbs, one can soar with one’s creativity. Some people in society see only the physical constraints of persons with physical disabilities, mistakenly think that they are unable and overlook their superior qualities in specialised fields. This is the biggest waste of human resources in our society. They may not be good at manual labour, but their abilities in higher levels of logical thinking, aesthetic judgement, and language use are not worse than others.

    People are society’s greatest asset. In order for a society to maintain sustainable development in a healthy manner, everyone must have a fair chance to give full play to their potential. What persons with disabilities lack is a fair chance of employment, and what our society lacks is people who know how to deploy talents according to their abilities.

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